Sandbox Racer Trailmakers Is Now Available On Xbox One And PC, Build Your Own Vehicle And Race Against Countless Other Players

Sandbox Racer Trailmakers Is Now Available On Xbox One And PC, Build Your Own Vehicle And Race Against Countless Other Players
Credit: FlashBulb

Many games on the market revolve around personal creativity. Many of them have tried to be battle games where others are solely up to builder opinion. Roblox, Robocraft, and many others have played with the idea of digital buildable vehicles. Now a new contestant has entered the arena, Trailmakers. This game gives focus to self-made racing creations but takes it one step further by making them easier to build

The downfall of many games in this style is that the build controls are too complicated for most people to get the hang of. This game simplifies the controls and makes it a lot easier, like playing with digital LEGOs.

The game starts with the building step and acts as a vehicle-building sandbox. You put the bocks together and make any kind of vehicle or machine you want. Racing cars, stunt planes, dinosaur robots, or jet-powered bananas nothing is off the table.

The game gives you lots of prebuilt machines and a list of parts. You can piece them together in any shape that you find suitable for your racing vehicle. The sandbox mode is really where the game shines as it gives you unlimited parts to build virtually anything you can imagine.

Once your car is taken care of you, then race it against other players. There are lots of different maps that let you test the limits of your machine. You can also do arena battle against players or explore the world around you. The main portion of the game though will be perfecting your builds and tweaking them as you continue to enjoy the game.

The newest addition to Trailmakers is the Rally game mode. This is where players can take on a journey through tougher and tougher race tracks, each requiring you to modify your vehicle to continue to overcome the obstacles. To get top of the leaderboard, you will have to master both speed and precision as true Trailmakers outsmart their competition with superior design, engineering, and racing skills.

This game has been in the Xbox Preview section since March 22nd and now is officially coming to the spotlight. With more updates to come and a whole blocky world to explore, fans are already talking about their favorite builds and sharing them on their social media accounts.

This game is released for Xbox and PC. You can purchase it for $19.99. It also comes in other languages, including French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Danish, and many more. If you are interested in a game that requires both racing and building skills, the Trailmakers might be the title for you.