A Clever Modder Has Put Pennywise The Clown In Resident Evil 2 (Remake) In Place Of Mr. X

A Clever Modder Has Put Pennywise The Clown In Resident Evil 2 (Remake) In Place Of Mr. X
Credit: IGN via YouTube

When you think of survival-horror games to come out in the last couple of years, Resident Evil 2 (Remake) certainly stands out. It improved upon the original in almost every way, from how the game was shot to the gripping story. It really had everything that you could want in a game of this genre, moving the overall series in a positive direction.

One of the more successful elements of the game was the addition of Mr. X. He is a genetically modified super zombie that stalks you in the game. Just as you think you’re progressing and things are going well, his big bald heads surfaces. No amount of bullets you fire will hurt him. He’ll just stalk forward much like what you would expect Jason Voorhees to do in a Friday the 13th movie. He’s a bit unnerving, really, but a great addition in terms of the tension he creates.

Ever since his addition, modders have taken the liberty to transform him in many creative ways. There is gameplay footage of him completely without clothes and others where he’s Thomas the Tank Engine. Well, a modder is at it again with Mr. X. This time, it’s Pennywise that’s stalking you around the Raccoon Police Station.

The timing of this mod from Marcus RC couldn’t be any better. The remake of It Chapter Two just hit theaters a couple of weeks ago, which turned out to be one of the best-selling horror movies at the box office of all time. It’s only right that Marcus would ride this wave into the latest Resident Evil video game.

The mod is currently free for those who already own a copy of the game. You just have to head to Marcus’ Patreon page. It’s available to everyone, though. Looking at some gameplay footage of Pennywise, Marcus did a phenomenal job at capturing Pennywise’s likeness from the modern movies.

Clown suit? Check. Clown makeup? Check. Creepy yellow eyes that glow in the dark? Check. You can officially run for the hills now. As if Mr. X wasn’t intimidating enough, now you have the iconic dancing clown chasing after you. It’s pretty clear what his intentions are if you’ve seen any of these movies.

He’s just another amazing mod that Mr. X has been featured with. It’s quite amazing to see the community continue to support this game. Fans of the game always have interesting surprises to look forward to.