Luigi’s Mansion 3 Releases At The End Of Next Month; Is The Perfect Way To Ring In Halloween

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Releases At The End Of Next Month; Is The Perfect Way To Ring In Halloween
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

The Luigi’s Mansion games are beloved by everyone in the Nintendo community. They have a lot of heart and simple mechanics that you can have fun with for hours. The action-adventure design mixed in with bits of horror leave you on the edge of your seat. The first game released all the way back in 2001 for the Nintendo GameCube.

We’re now approaching Luigi’s Mansion 3, which is set to release at the end of October for the Nintendo Switch. It is the perfect game to ring in Halloween. Just make sure you’re ready for an epic adventure. This latest installment once again follows Luigi and his group of companions.

They’re invited to stay at the Last Resort hotel, which is luxurious and decadent on the outside. What Luigi and company don’t realize is King Boo has set this whole resort up as a way to capture them. Luigi must fight back with his trusty Poltergust G-00 and assistance from Professor E. Gadd.

Instead of pre-defined missions and points, Luigi’s Mansion 3 has more of an open-ended feel. Thus, you’ll get to explore the hotel at your own pace, running into all sorts of ghostly threats along the way. As you explore each level, you’ll come across different themes. Each of them has distinct characteristics that create a very atmospheric experience.

Probably the most helpful tool you’ll rely on throughout this game is the aforementioned Poltergust G-00. It can be used against enemies in a wide variety of ways. For example, it can blow enemies back or even slam them on the ground. You can even use it to summon a green doppelganger of Luigi that comes in handy when teamwork is involved.

The green doppelganger is particularly great to use when you plan on utilizing the co-op feature. Both you and a friend can control these characters and help each other through each level. The further you progress in this game, the more difficult the haunting enemies will get. Never fear, though, as Luigi is well equipped to handle whatever threats come his way.

If you’re up for a huge party, you can enjoy ScareScraper. It’s a multiplayer mode that supports up to eight players, who can team up to complete objectives on various floors.

Halloween is a time for celebrating all that is scary and creepy. Luigi’s Mansion 3 seems like the perfect way to celebrate this iconic holiday, perhaps with a group of friends. You’re in store for some frights and delights.