Look Away Battlefield V Fans, Battlefront 2 Continues To Lead The Pack: Latest Community Update Highlights Brand New Content

Look Away Battlefield V Fans, Battlefront 2 Continues To Lead The Pack: Latest Community Update Highlights Brand New Content
Credit: EA via YouTube

Battlefront 2 is quickly becoming one of the biggest success stories of a once-failed game. It was released to appalling reviews, not only from disgruntled fans disappointed in the gruesome microtransactions but also critics who lauded its stunning visuals but hated how empty the game felt.

Since then, the game was made $5 on the Origin Store, it has received consistent gameplay and content updates, and enjoys what is obviously some of the best community interaction from an EA title in years.

A couple of weeks back it was announced that Battlefront 2 would receive an update featuring Instant Action mode – a mode which fans of the original game on PS2 will remember fondly.

Today it was announced in a reveal trailer that the next community update will also introduce the Clone Commando unit, as gorgeously rendered as the other units, the popular Instant Action mode (where you play offline against bots), 4-player online co-op, and Felucia, a new planet.

The Clone Commando has two abilities, the 4-player online co-op is a nice touch that not enough modern games embrace, and Felucia is another detailed and stunning planet to add to the Battlefront 2 roster. It’s the planet with tentacle plants and stuff. Awesome.

With the game regularly going on sale on Origin for next to nothing, the value in the game is now ridiculous. It is a shame that the game wasn’t released with its current content, as it would have justified the price tag and perhaps even some of the cosmetic options.

However, it is not all brilliant: the fact that this game has needed consistent updates over the last year to get it towards full-pricetag value is crazy. The mentality behind EA to release games quickly and annually means that this is likely not the last time we’ll see a game perform this way.

Fans have voiced their hopes for the future of the series. With Rise of the Skywalker coming out later this year – handily featured at the end of the Battlefront 2 Community Update Trailer – it’s likely Disney will want to have another Star Wars game to follow up after the movie.

Some hope that Battlefront 2 continues to be updated over the next few years, with more and more content being added to the game, although at this point it seems highly unlikely – quite a lot of the microtransaction value has been removed (they took away loot boxes) and the game is so cheap to buy online.