YouTuber Dr Five Completes South Park Inspired World Of Warcraft Challenge, Reaching Max Level Killing Only Boars

YouTuber Dr Five Completes South Park Inspired World Of Warcraft Challenge, Reaching Max Level Killing Only Boars
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

For many players, the South Park episode Make Love, Not Warcraft is one of the most notable moments related to World of Warcraft. Spawning memes that still pop up more than a decade later, the episode quickly reached the same fame as the infamous Leeroy Jenkins.

The episode is often attributed as one of the heights of World of Warcraft, credited for swelling the subscription numbers of the title back in 2006. It even won a Primetime Emmy Award for its troubles, as well as winning a fan vote as the best episode back in 2011.

Much of the episode is based on the four main characters of South Park spending their time trying to reach max level at a slow crawl by killing boars in the woods of Elwynn Forest, the starting zone for Humans. In their attempt to defeat a nameless griefer, the boys and Randy’s father free Azeroth with the mystical Sword of a Thousand Truths. It is, all in all, ridiculous, and looked on fondly by much of the community.

So much so that now, nearly fourteen years later, players are still challenging themselves to complete the same task that the boys of South Park completed. Recently, YouTuber Dr. Five became the first to complete the challenge.

Dr. Five managed to reach maximum level by only ever killing boars, a monumental task as he eschewed quests, with the only other experience being the nominal amount one gets from discovering a new zone. After a total of nearly ten full days of playtime – the final tally being roughly 234 hours – Dr. Five managed to hit level 60.

Some may be wondering how he could be the first to complete the challenge, as others have been attempting the challenge since the episode aired.

Others that have completed this challenge were attempting it on the Retail servers, which work on entirely different mechanics. Dr. Five’s challenge was completed on the Classic servers, the Vanilla-recreation of the original version of World of Warcraft.

By completing it on Classic, Dr. Five was able to stay significantly more true to the episode itself, which bears more similarities to Classic due to the time that the episode was created. Retail has evolved so much that the challenge is drastically different, and significantly easier.

All in all, it took more than 10,000 boars from a variety of zones for Dr. Five to complete his task. The journey took him to a variety of different zones ending in the Eastern Plaguelands, where his journey finally hit an endpoint.

If you’d like to catch up on the grind, you can find Dr. Five’s channel here. Do be aware of the explicit language, but don’t let it take away from the fantastic achievement that Dr. Five has earned!