You Can Add A Final Fantasy 7 Remake Background To Your Next Zoom Video Conference For Free

You Can Add A Final Fantasy 7 Remake Background To Your Next Zoom Video Conference For Free
Credit: Square Enix

With the spread of COVID-19, businesses everywhere have been having to rely on telecommuting. Thousands of employees all over the world have been working from home.

When teams have to get together for regular meetings while social distancing, many of them use Zoom, a video conferencing tool.

Now, Square Enix is helping you enhance your zoom conference with free backgrounds from Final Fantasy VII Remake.

“Unfortunately, some homes make for boring backdrops,” Square said on the official Square Enix Blog. “We’re talking a lot of white walls and beige bedrooms. So, why not add a bit of flair into your video calls with a custom background? We’ve created some free backgrounds to use on Zoom, based on the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake. They cover many of the iconic locations from the game, such as the glitzy Wall Market or Tifa’s bar, Seventh Heaven (sadly you can’t nip in there for a quick game of darts).”

In addition to the backgrounds showcasing classic locations from Final Fantasy VII, Square has also set up some character backgrounds. You have backgrounds featuring Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aerith, and even Sephiroth.

This is not the only service Square has done for its fanbase regarding the outbreak of COVID-19.

Final Fantasy VII has been set for an April 10 release date for months now. The outbreak of this pandemic, however, called into question whether retailers were going to be getting their shipments of the game on time. Not to mention everyone who pre-ordered the game through the Square Enix online store.

Rather than delaying the title again or just saying it will get there when it gets there, Square opted instead to ship the game out early. This means that some areas in Australia and parts of Europe already have the game in thier possession. Gamers in the US and Canada are likely to receive their copies at least a day or two in advance.

However, the scheduled release date for Final Fantasy VII Remake remains April 10. That means that those who ordered the game digitally will not be receiving their copy early. This was confirmed recently by Square.

Square only asked that gamers not post spoilers or stream the game before April 10, out of respect for those who have not yet had the chance to play. Of course, this request went ignored by many. Illegal streams of the game started to pop up on Twitch. However, Twitch removed these streams and in some cases completely banned whole accounts for trying to stream the game early.