There Was Almost A Tifa-Led Chapter In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, According To A New Ultimania Book

There Was Almost A Tifa-Led Chapter In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, According To A New Ultimania Book
Credit: PlayStation Via YouTube

Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the most popular releases of 2020 for good reason. The game is a recreation of one of the most popular RPGs of all time.

But it’s not a shot for shot remake of the original PlayStation 1 classic. This HD remake has captured the hearts and minds of old and new fans alike because it expands upon the originally story, fleshing it out and making it a more complete tale.

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We got to see characters like Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie, who were one dimensional throw away characters in the original, be expanded on through side missions and new story elements that made them a welcomed part of the team.

Apparently, the character of Tifa was also supposed to get even more attention than she already got in this new title.

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According to a new Ultimania, there was supposed to be a Tifa-centric chapter that was eventually scrapped during the development process.

When there’s a popular new Final Fantasy release, Square typically follows it up with a compendium called Ultimania. These books include information surrounding the creation, vision, and characters of mainline Final Fantasy titles.

Typically, these tome’s are Japan-only releases, and Final Fantasy VII Remake Material Ultimania will be released in Japan on November 3.

Some folks have received early copies and have talked a bit about some of the information found within, which includes this bit about the now scrapped Tifa adventure.

A Twitter user that goes by the handle aitakimochi revealed the existence of this deleted chapter in a tweet on October 30.

“Level designer Hioki says Tifa was supposed to take the lead for a special mission that took place after she was separated from Cloud at the Sector 5 reactor,” she said. “The scenario would have taken place around Chapter 7 or 8, and would connect to why she was heading to Don Corneo’s place. The level concept was to show the beginnings of the tragedy that would unfold with the Sector 7 plate and also show Tifa’s charm as she takes on the role of a heroine.”

She goes on to say that the scenario would have started with a scene between Tifa and Jessie, where Tifa would be briefed about the plans surrounding the destruction of the Sector 7 plate. We would also have learned more about the ties between AVALANCHE and Wutai.

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Most notable is that the AVALANCHE hideout would have been seen in this scenario, and would have been accessible. The basement hideout of the freedom fighting team was one of the only locations from the original to be left out of the game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently available on the PlayStation 4.