Xbox One Elite’s Wireless Controller’s On Sale – It Can Be Bought For Only $127

Xbox One Elite’s Wireless Controller’s On Sale – It Can Be Bought For Only $127
Credit: Xbox

Old school video gamers are accustomed at using wired controls to play their beloved titles, but it’s given that when an opportunity comes along that they can play their favorite games or even new ones on a wireless console, they’ll grab that chance. Price is the primary reason why there are still a lot of people who prefer wired controllers.

For those who want to play games by using a wireless controller, perhaps their best choice is to play games with Xbox Elite Wireless. It’s expected to be costly, but there are recent sales that it can be bought at cheaper than $130.

It is said that the Xbox Elite Wireless controller is the most advanced gaming controller in the world. It adapts to the hand size of every gamer. It can be configured to improve the reach, speed, and accuracy of the users. The thumbsticks come in various sizes and shapes. The D-pads and metal thumbsticks can be swapped for ergonomics and personalized control.

The wireless controller is on sale for only $127.49. Those who have the discount coupon can purchase it at that price, and it applies to the platinum white and black color choices.

The platinum white option is somewhat rare, and it’s more expensive than the black version. For sure, there will be people who’ll buy extra wireless controllers that they can use, or they can resell.

It’s not often that the controller becomes cheaper than $120. Like in Amazon, the controller’s black version can be bought for $139.99. It might be ridiculous for some people that the white color has a steep price, where it can be purchased for $170.82.

This controller can be considered a luxury. It has features such as robust mapping software, and parts that can be swapped. It’s wonderful, configurable, and sturdy.

Those who don’t want to splurge on premium controllers can settle for the regular controller. Xbox One S controllers can be bought at $39.91, and they have Bluetooth support. They don’t have the similar bells and whistles that the Elite model is offering but it’s cheaper, and it’s a good controller for those who can’t afford and want to enjoy playing their favorite games.

In the future, more games will be developed with wireless controllers in mind. There will be more additional features. And because the market will become competitive, there’s a high chance that the prices for wireless controllers will drop.