Arcade 1Up Set To Release Mortal Kombat Trilogy Arcade Cabinet

Arcade 1Up Set To Release Mortal Kombat Trilogy Arcade Cabinet
Credit: 9NoobSybot7 via DeviantArt (license)

Some of the fondest memories for long-time gamers were built around arcades. There were so many games to choose from. Hours felt like minutes as players delved deep into fantasy-like worlds and action-packed scenarios. One of the most iconic arcade cabinets available in the 90’s was Mortal Kombat. This blood-enriched fighting game gave players the chance to battle it out in surreal environments, with some of the most iconic video game characters to date.

Well, fans of the series have the chance to take home their very own mini Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet thanks to the amazing efforts from Arcade 1Up. This home arcade cabinet-maker has already produced an amazing line of cabinets, including fan-favorites like Street Fighter, Pacman, and Rampage. Now, they’ve locked their sights on this amazing fighting genre that fans have come to love with a frenzy-like passion.

What’s Included?

Fans of this series can look forward to not one, but three Mortal Kombat titles. These include MK1, MK2, and Ultimate MK3. These included games are must-own titles for any enthusiast of the fighting genre. They’re filled with all sorts of history and nostalgia, and gamers can get a peak of what they missed if they weren’t around when these games gained a cult-like following.

Worth the Investment?

Aside from the nostalgia and addicting gameplay, many gamers probably are wondering if these cabinets are worth their starting price tag of $299. The answer is simple: yes. They may be ¾ scale of traditional arcade cabinets, but their size is still impressive and works well for those with limited space. Consumers have the option to purchase risers for their cabinet as well to game while standing.

The graphics on the Mortal Kombat Arcade 1Up machine are breathtaking. The lettering is crisp and fans can enjoy a large-scale depiction of Raiden on both sides. As far as the controls, they’re true to form. You can expect to get the same experience with this cabinet as you would with traditional arcade systems. The LCD screen is sharp and the sounds give gamers a truly sublime experience.

Arcade 1Up is revolutionizing the way people play arcade games today. No longer do you have to shell out thousands of dollars for bulky, heavy machines that probably won’t last that long anyway. Mortal Kombat is just one of many titles coming out this year, and that’s something to get excited about.