Xbox E3 Announces The Return Of Battletoads, Next Chapter To The Original Classic Game

Xbox E3 Announces The Return Of Battletoads, Next Chapter To The Original Classic Game
Credit: Rare

Xbox announced a lot of their current and future developments at the E3 Briefing. The company surprised gamers with the return of Battletoads, one of the most infamously hardest games ever made. Rash, Zitz, and Pimple return in an all-new adventure on Xbox One. This game will be available on the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and the Xbox Game Pass for the console.

These rambunctious amphibians have been reappearing slowly in the last few years in titles like Rare Reply, Killer Instinct, and Shovel Knight.  They are finally returning in their very own adventure.

The old Battletoads is an action-packed side-scrolling brawler in which the Toads battle hordes of enemies. The adventure takes players a ross wild and weird landscapes that force players to expect the unexpected.

The game is bringing more than just the popular icons back, with its new adventure it is bringing an unforgettable three-player couch co-op experience. Players can team-up to perform special moves. This cooperative experience emphasizes teamwork meaning players that choose to use this mode must work together to accomplish their goal.

Although it does take some serious skill to beat Battletoads, the creators have emphasized the original feeling of the game will remain present. Although this is a new experience, they are not trying to replace the original Battletoads. Players are sure to have a hilarious time while playing through the frog-fuelled adventure.

The game is being developed for Xbox One and is a collaboration project between Rare and Dlala Studios. Battletoads is being presented with a unique hand-drawn art style and a rock soundtrack to back it. The new story has been written by award-winning writers to bring this classic back to life.

Reinventing this retro game has been a project long coming for the development team. “Hard-hitting morph attacks, death-defying vehicle chases, head-scratching puzzles and towering boss encounters, this feast of choreographed chaos will bring fans old and new to the same conclusion: the Battletoads are back in action,” reads the Xbox Wire release on the game. 

Many new titles are being announced at E3 this year, but it is good to see that some teams are working on bringing back old classics. The video game world moves forward at a rapid pace and seeing the revitalization of such a legendary game brings joy to the hearts of many fans.

Interested players can find out more about the game’s release on the Xbox website.