World Of Warcraft’s Horde Hall Of Fame Has Filled All 100 Spots, Alliance Remains At Only 20 Spots Filled

World Of Warcraft’s Horde Hall Of Fame Has Filled All 100 Spots, Alliance Remains At Only 20 Spots Filled
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

If you’ve played much World of Warcraft then you’re likely familiar with the massive push for endgame world-firsts that additional endgame content creates. As soon as the content drops – often weeks before, even – professional guilds and casual players alike begin an immediate push to complete the new content before anyone else.

Those that manage to complete this first get the prestige of being the first in the world to have completed the content, though there are several other rewards for those that might not have gotten there right away. One might become realm-first instead of world-first, or perhaps faction-first. Either way, so long as they’re in the top 100, they join their faction’s Hall of Fame.

The first this time around to down Mythic N’Zoth and finish up Mythic Ny’alotha was the famous professional group, Complexity Limit, who completed the task on February 6th. Following them was Method on February 8th, and the list continues on all the way to the 100th to finish the task, Echoes, who completed the task today on March 15th. As of now, all 100 spots are filled.

What about the Alliance Hall of Fame? They’ve managed to down Mythic Ny’alotha as well, of course. The first to do so was Chinese guild 坚决抵制黑手联盟, who completed the task on February 22nd more than two weeks after Complexity Limit managed it. The second and third were Honestly and Ethical on February 24th, with only about 90 minutes between the two completions. These go all the way down the list as well, but the list isn’t quite as long.

As of now, the Alliance faction has only filled 20 of their Hall of Fame spots despite the Horde having filled all 100 of theirs. So what’s the holdup, and why does anyone care how few the Alliance have comparatively filled?

One important thing to note is that the cross-realm Mythic Ny’alotha feature will open up once both factions have filled their halls of fame. With that known, it becomes apparent that the Alliance is literally holding back the community from receiving a new feature.

But why are there so few Alliance guilds that have completed the Mythic raid? Is it just that the Alliance is factually worse at the game than the Horde? While my 15 years of bias as a Horde main wants me to say yes, factual knowledge says that isn’t the case.

There’s been a long-standing unbalance between the two factions in terms of player base that has resulted in the majority of the high-profile guilds being Horde-based. Complexity Limit and Method, for example, are easily the most recognizable names in competitive WoW, and both are in the Hall of Fame for Horde. There’s a number of reasons for this unbalance that could take eons to list, but one of the primary reasons is that many players find the Horde races to be better suited to PvE content due to racial abilities and features.

Hopefully, the Alliance will find a way to scrape 80 names together for the Hall of Fame before too much longer.