Week 9, Day 3 Tiebreakers Overview, And Summary Of League Championship Series 2020 By Scairtin

Week 9, Day 3 Tiebreakers Overview, And Summary Of League Championship Series 2020 By Scairtin
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

After an insane split, the last day of LCS came to a bunch of tiebreakers between middle-of-the-pack teams.

While some teams failed to adapt to the online environment, most of them adapted to the online environment quite well.

Dignitas vs Immortals – 1st tiebreaker

Aatrox / Pantheon / Orianna / Aphelios / Nautilus vs Sett / Sejuani / Zoe / Miss Fortune / Leona

Dignitas focused all resources into Pantheon early on, who snowballed really hard with all the kills and started pressuring all lanes of Immortals. His early power allowed him to be a menace for Immortals and they couldnt’ deal with him nor farm minions. Immortals with this lose finished in 8th place while Dignitas gets a chance to face Golden Guardians for the last playoffs spot.

100 Thieves vs FlyQuest – 2nd tiebreaker

Sett / Sejuani / Syndra / Lucian / Braum vs Aatrox / Pantheon / Orianna / Miss Fortune / Yuumi

100 Thieves turned around the second round robin of the Spring Split. Ssumday is one of the best top laners NA has to offer. While both teams secured a spot in the playoffs, this match decided who was second and who was third. The result of this is a better playoff run. 100 Thieves came out victorious in a dominating fashion and secured 2nd while FlyQuest finished third.

Golden Guardians vs Dignitas – 3rd tiebreaker

Sett / Jarvan / Zoe / Varus / Braum vs Renekton / Pantheon / Viktor / Ashe / Tahm

This game decided who would get the last playoff spot. Both teams played their hearts out in order to secure the last spot. Dignitas secured an early lead and tried their best to secure objectives, but Golden Guardians responded to every move they made. After a couple of tilting movements, Pantheon fed the carries of Golden Guardians, which allowed Golden Guardians to win and secure the last playoff spot.

Evil Geniuses vs 100 Thieves

Renekton / Sejuani / Corki / Ezreal / Tahm vs Aatrox / Jarvan / Sylas / Varus / Ziggs

The winner of this match reached second place in LCS. With 100 Thieves victory over FlyQuest, they reached the second place but became tied with EG. Both teams played really well, but Jizuke, the mid lane of Evil Geniuses decided to put the carry pants on and carried the insane game against 100 Thieves, securing 2nd place in LCS Spring Split, while 100 Thieves got demoted to 3rd and FlyQuest to fourth.

That is all for  Week 9, Day 3 coverage of LCS 2020, stay tuned for more coverage of playoffs in the upcoming days between the top 6 LCS team which qualified for it.