Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Final Map Of The Curse Of Drachenfels Is Scheduled To Drop Soon

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Final Map Of The Curse Of Drachenfels Is Scheduled To Drop Soon
Credit: Fatshark via YouTube

In a Steam Announcement, development studio FatShark has announced that the final chapter is dropping soon for the Curse of Drachefels story-arc for the game Warhammer: Vermintide 2.  As the culmination of months of work from the studio that saw a new payment model coming forward due to iffy results with prior DLCs, many are chomping at the bit to find out precisely what, or who, is inside the heart of Drachenfels Castle that is spawning the ungodly abominations that the Ubersreik Five have been wrestling with.

It’s been announced that the final chapter of the arc is slated for March 24th, and is titled Enchanter’s Lair.  Players know that it’s not Drachenfel himself based on patch notes, yet it’s currently anyone’s guess as to who the named character is: Nurlgoth the Eternal.

It’s a finale that culminates an adventure that found the Ubersreik Five fighting from the outskirts of town, through a dank dungeon, and now into the keep itself, in an impressive campaign that offers a localized story arc completable within a single sitting.

Enchanter’s Lairs is the conclusion of the first arc with the new payment model that sees players offered in-game cosmetic loot available for purchase with either microtransactions, or in-game currency earned by completing specific objectives.

The shift comes after every DLC that FatShark has pushed with Warhammer: Vermintide 2 has continued to fall flat on its face on release; either repetitive mechanics, a shallow idea, or simply being too expensive in the eyes of the community for what it actually offered.

The newest model, however, seems to be working well thus far; concurrent players in-game is at an all-time high week after week in comparison to the population that the DLC could bring in, reviews are back on the upswing, and everyone seems to appreciate the ability to throw FatShark the proverbial bone when they see something that catches their fancy.

Worth noting, however, that the in-game shop hasn’t been entirely impressive with its offerings as of yet, although that’s likely primarily due to the variety of weapons that many users switch between based on party composition.

What’s next for Warhammer: Vermintide 2 seems to be the question on everyone’s lips currently, after the conclusion of the Drachenfels arc.  If the microtransactions did well enough to pay the salaries of everyone at FatShark, we may plausibly be treated to yet another arc with new and unique mechanics.  If it hasn’t, this could end up being our last foray into the dark world of Vermintide for the time being.