Vigor Is Entering Its Season Two And Introducing The Outlands, Update 2.0: Hunters Expands Post-War Norway With New Manhunters

Vigor Is Entering Its Season Two And Introducing The Outlands, Update 2.0: Hunters Expands Post-War Norway With New Manhunters
Credit: Bohemia Interactive

A new battle pass season has started in Vigor with the release of Update 2.0: Hunters. Season numbers are now always displayed in the version of the game, making it really easy to know what season is currently active. So venture back into post-war Norway in this rising shoot ‘n’ loot game.

The nuclear way is over, and Norway is the world’s last stand. Shoot first or hide the choice is yours as you loot, gather, and rebuild civilization in the aftermath of war. Build your shelter, find your equipment, for when humanity fall only the great shall rise.

This season revolves around Hunters. In post-war Norway, this term can be slightly strange as there are many types of hunters. This time the game is referring to Manhunters, skilled survivors capable of tracking and finding prey across the wasteland. Skilled at ranged combat, they will aim for a completely clean kill.

Hunters work best when in small numbers allowing them to quickly gain cool gear and stealth around the map easier than before. In the past, only the most dedicated of the outlanders were able to reach the top rewards of the battle pass, this time, things should be slightly easier with the hunter’s theme.

There are tons of interesting things available through the battle pass. Players may be able to gain use of the Portable Signal Detector, which will allow them to take the functionality of the antenna tower anywhere they go. A new Fake Glint tool can be used to distract prey as it places objects that look like the sun’s reflection in the options around the map.

If you participated in the Game Preview, you may remember the legendary Mosin Nagant. This weapon brings its damage and fluid design back into the forefront of the game experience. A modern crossbow will also be appearing, bringing precision and stealth that only a hunter could appreciate. Players will have the opportunity to unlock new customizations such as the hunter uniform, some new weapon skins, or even a new character gesture.

The stability of the game has increased. There is a changelog available on the title screen that documents all changes made to the game. Bullet penetration is now more understandable, and they have improved the calculations behind damage over distance for bullet weapons. Prices in the Store have been reduced, making them more affordable for everyone in the game.

Vigor is available on Xbox One and is free to play. So give it a download and try this unique post-war experience.