Upcoming Shark-Simulator Game Maneater Open For Pre-Purchase Discount On Epic Game Store

Upcoming Shark-Simulator Game Maneater Open For Pre-Purchase Discount On Epic Game Store
Credit: Maneater via Steam

The highly-anticipated game Maneater is now available for pre-purchase on the Epic Game Store, and it comes with a $5 discount if purchased before 9:00 PM Eastern on Monday, August 5th.

The Maneater game is a strange beast. Imagine if simulator-game (in this case, a shark simulator) and Grand Theft Auto had a love-child. That’s Maneater. The game is a strange mix of role-playing game, wild rampage, and a lot of fantasy. No, not wizards and elves fantasy—fantastic fantasy, as in, too fantastic to be believed. And that is the fun of the game: sheer absurdity and silly fun. Well, if all of that interests you, now would be an excellent time to purchase the game for cheap.

Just how wild is this game? Well, in its presentation at this year’s E3, Lead Game Designer Bill Munk even talked about allowing the shark to get drunk if they ate an intoxicated human. “We don’t have that in the game yet, but I want to,” he said.

Despite features like this, Maneater is really about causing mass mayhem. Players will be able to level up their jaws, size, swimming abilities, and biting damage as they attack swimmers, beach-goers, and people on boats.

But there is a catch. The more destruction caused by the shark, the higher its “wanted level” will become, which is the game’s most significant similarity to Grand Theft Auto. And the higher this wanted level gets, the more shark hunters will end up chasing after the shark. Hence the reasoning behind leveling-up.

The story for Maneater is framed by way of a fictional television show called “Maneaters vs. Sharkhunters.” As things progress, a narrator will explain the actions of the player as they go around eating sea life, attacking humans, and, of course, get chased by shark hunters.

Maneater initially caused quite a stir at 2018’s E3 for its ingenuity and wild concept. But there is no word on whether or not the game will actually succeed in having replayability or if it will only be enjoyable for a few hours of downtime. This is a massive challenge for most simulators. Only time will tell.

The price for Maneater is currently $4.99 on the Epic Game Store. Epic typically lists its cost at $9.99. Pick it up before 9:00 PM (ET) Monday to get the discount. There is no official word on when Maneater will be officially released, but Tripwire Interactive, the game’s publisher, says it will be released before the end of 2019.