MSI GE65 Raider: Finally, A Gaming Laptop That’s Going To Be Worth Your While

MSI GE65 Raider: Finally, A Gaming Laptop That’s Going To Be Worth Your While
Credit: PCWorld via YouTube

MSI launched the GE65 Raider, and it seems the manufacturer really hit it out of the ballpark with this one.

For one thing, the laptop is powered by 9th-gen Intel Core processor paired with the GeForce RTX 20 Series. Because it’s powered by the Turing GPU with the RTX platform, you can expect a seamless mobile gaming experience.

The memory is a 32GB DDR4-2666 although there are two DIMM slots allowing for a maximum of 64GB.

The manufacturer promises faster performance by as much as 45% with the Octa Core technology. In addition, the real-time tracing gives you that immersive experience as you take in the realistic lighting.

The display also features a 240Hz refresh rate, which is 4x the rate of most conventional laptops. That means the MSI GE65 Raider can handle 240 frames per second. This will eradicate screen tearing even with the most demanding of games.

The thin bezel design also provides a wider screen footprint and allows you to engage with your game fully. For instance, without adding more to the laptop’s dimensions, MSI manages to optimize the display. At its size, it’s comparable to 14-inch laptops, but the bezel extends the display to 15.6 inches.

You can also port two more monitors onto the laptop. There’s an HDMI and a mini DisplayPort if you want your own gaming station.

Although it doesn’t really add to the performance, RGB keyboard lighting just makes the GE65 Raider stand out. With the use of an app, you can customize the lighting to your keyboards and imprint your own personality on the device.

There are two models of the GE65 Raider–the 9SF and the 9SE. The only difference is that the 9SE uses GeForce RTX 2060 while the 9SF already uses the RTX 2070.

Now, all that power will generate a lot of heat. Fortunately, the GE65 Raider has its own thermal system through seven heat pipes. There’s no need to worry about CPU throttling because of overheating.

One drawback of the laptop is the audio. It’s because, for the price range, it’s not that high-quality. It can easily be drowned by the ambient noise, especially if you are in a crowded area.

You can buy the Raider on Amazon for $1,799. However, the gaming laptop can match the performance of other much more expensive devices. That means it’s still a good investment if you want a gaming laptop that can handle your most exacting requirements.