Try Out New Content And Features In The Pioneer Program Of Sea Of Thieves – Just Keep It A Secret Though

Try Out New Content And Features In The Pioneer Program Of Sea Of Thieves – Just Keep It A Secret Though
Credit: Sea of Thieves

Game developer Rare’s action-adventure game, Sea of Thieves, is getting an update next week on March 6.

As per the developer’s description on their official video update, it will be a quality of life. The upcoming update will bring in new content, bug fixes, as well as game balancing.

It’s mostly minor changes, but there’s one big news included in the upcoming update most players may be excited about.

Sea of Thieves will be opening up an alpha testing program, when the update for March 6 rolls in,

Pioneers will be able to join in on the Pioneer program if they wish. The only catch is that they have to keep quiet about everything that happens inside. This will all be under a non-disclosure agreement or NDA.

This means they won’t be allowed to talk about whatever content they experience outside of the game’s pioneer forum.

There will be no capturing of audio clips, screenshots, or video, and sharing it in all places including the forums.

There will also be no streaming allowed or leaving the game unattended while playing in the Pioneer program.

Pioneers who breach the NDA will immediately be kicked out of the program. To find out more about the Pioneer program, check out this FAQ for Pioneers.

Before the upcoming update, Pioneers were only a select few who were picked and invited through e-mail.

But as explained by Sea of Thieves’ executive producer, Joe Neate, the Pioneer program will be opening as an opt-in. It will be available for everyone to join after the patch as long as they agree to the NDA.

Those who get to join the program will be able to try out the upcoming features of the game. Pioneers will also be able to test out improvements added within the game.

One content that Pioneers will be testing out after next week’s patch is the Arena mode. This will feature small-scale gameplay which focuses on PvP combat.

It might be hard to imagine how this will all work out. Opening the Pioneer program to a bigger community might make keeping secret features and contents much harder.

Aside from this, there’s also some secret content that Rare is holding off from the community. It’s going to be revealed on the first anniversary of Sea of Thieves – March 20.

One of their planned content is some special items given to those who have reached Pirate Legend before the anniversary. Be sure to hit Pirate Legend before March 20 to receive some wonderful items.