The Third Pokemon Go Fest Has Begun In Japan, New Shiny Pokemon Will Be Available Worldwide For A Limited Time

The Third Pokemon Go Fest Has Begun In Japan, New Shiny Pokemon Will Be Available Worldwide For A Limited Time
Credit: Niantic

The final Pokemon Go Fest of 2019 kicks off in Yokohama, Japan, and to commemorate the event Niantic is making some new Shiny Pokemon available worldwide. Although this is a limited-time event, it is a good chance for players to search for both new and old Pokemon. Beginning August 5, at 2 PM PT, 5 PM ET, 10 PM BST, and August 6 at 6 AM JST.

This will be your chance to catch a Shiny Poliwag in the wild. There will be more shiny pokemon appearing, but it is unknown which will be in the cast. Players wait year-round for the three Pokemon Go Fests because of these rare Pokemon and rare opportunities.

This is not the only thing happening during this event. If you wait a few hours after Shiny Poliwag arrives, you will have a chance to catch hat-wearing Pikachu. This Pokemon is generally reserved for holidays and special events, but it will be making an appearance until 1 AM PT, 4 AM ET, 9 AM BST, and 5 PM JST on August 12.

Pikachu will be wearing a different hat each day, so if you missed the first appearance of any rare hats, this would be your second chance to add them to your collection. Pikachu will wear his or her Flowers, Straw Hat, Party Hat, Ash’s Hat, Witch’s Hat, Detective Hat, and Santa Hat.

Just like the Pokemon Go Fests in Chicago and Dortmund, a series of global challenges will be held during this week. Even if you can’t travel to the far distant land of Japan, you can still participate in some Pokemon Go fun. If players complete the first two sets of global challenges, Niantic will bring the Legendary Pokemon Entei and Raikou back for special Raid Days. The same will happen to Suicune if players can complete enough of the challenges.

Niantic is also beginning its new gift-themed event, which will happen during August 5-19. The developer is increasing the number of gifts you can hold to 20 and the number of gifts you can open to 30. Eggs received from these gifts will only require 2 km to hatch, and the Pokemon will be of the 7 km rarity. You will also have a chance to hatch the rare Shiny Bonsly from these eggs, so it is a good time to walk some eggs around.

As a reminder, Rayquaza has returned to Raid Battles and will be disappearing on September 2. Lucky players will have a chance to encounter the Shiny Rayquaza and add it to their collections.

Team Rocket is still at large as well and can be found at PokeStops. This means you can still collect the new Shadow Pokemon and either keep them for their enhanced attacks or purify to increase their defense.