The Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 14 Game By Koei Tecmo America Set For Western Release In 2020

The Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 14 Game By Koei Tecmo America Set For Western Release In 2020
Credit: KOEI TECMO EUROPE LTD. via YouTube

Koei Tecmo America is aiming a triumphant come back with the announcement of the latest entry in its grand strategy role-playing game Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The announcement came just in time with historical Chinese approach increasingly becoming popular nowadays.

The developer said that the Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14 (RTK 14) will hit both PC via Steam and Playstation in North America and Europe early next year. It will be out in Japan, where it has been going strong since 1985, this winter.

In a statement, Koei said that the new installment will help bring ‘classic gameplay’ back to the venerable tactical series through the simplified color system and the use of the rule-based system from the 9th and 11th entries. This suggests that all actions – from commerce meetings to debates, and battles –will be taking place on one big map.

The 35-year-old tactical series RTK 14 is once again set during the Han Dynasty’s fall in Ancient China. The main objective is for you to capture and manage territories as many as possible, either by force or by diplomacy, whichever is necessary. You will be in direct control of every affair.

The developer also promised that characters will exhibit greater individuality and unique traits. To get you fully immersed into the rich history of both the game and the historical period, iconic officers from the kingdoms such as Guan Yu and Liu Bei will, for instance, assert themselves at different situations. They will show you why they were considered legends.

Koei noted that various game experiences are now possible through multiple rulers as organizations are currently determined using the ideals of each ruler. How your ruler uses each officer’s wisdom is vital in capturing lands in the most efficient way possible. This applies even within the same faction.

Another exciting development in RTK 14 is the use of a new evolved AI system that offers better challenges on repeat playthroughs. This may suggest that rulers could have distinct behavior between every campaign.

The Steam page of RTK 14 is already live, which means you may now track the progress of the game anytime. Koei said that it will release more information about the game late August.