Respawn Is Teasing A New Character For Apex Legends, Or At Least One Of The Developers Is Tweeting About It

Respawn Is Teasing A New Character For Apex Legends, Or At Least One Of The Developers Is Tweeting About It
Credit: Electronic Arts

Tina Sanchez, one of the more well known Respawn developers, has tweeted an image that might be a leak of the next character. The image shared some behind the scenes work during a motion capture session. The comment “Working on Apex Legends stuff” was added to the top and you can clearly see Sanchez posing with a cane in a full set of motion capture gear.

This is enough to confirm a new character is in the works and fans have long awaited any confirmation on this. Apex Legends has peaked in player numbers, but a new character might be what is needed to draw fans back in.

What makes the story more interesting is a reaction Sanchez sent to fans that commented on the photo. When a fan asked if the tweet is in reference to Crypto, who many have suspected is the next character to join the Apex family, Sanchez responded with a mouthless emoji. This is enough confirmation for many fans to start hyping up on a chance Crypto officially joining the character selection.

All of this began in March when a data miner leaked a hidden roster of 10 new characters. Respawn did respawn to the data mining efforts and leaks but did not deny or confirm the shared details. Fans doubled down when Season 1 released Octane and Season 2 had Wattson showing an accurate portrayal of the leaked roster image.

If the past two new characters are any indication, then many can expect that the new character will be fairly balanced upon release. Respawn has done a decent job keeping the abilities of every roster member generally on the same level. What makes this even more amazing is their knack at not ruining the fun factor associated with each character.

If Crypto is joining the roster, then there is a high chance that his hacking abilities will have some impact on his skills. Many are considering the possibilities of an EMP grenade or AOE effect while others argue that it may be more support driven improving team abilities or tracking the zone like Pathfinder.

It is known that Respawn likes to hide hints about new characters and future releases around their map. Players should keep their eyes open for any details that seem new or strange that might hint to what Crypto could do. Everything from a hidden computer room to simply a digital tag on a computer terminal could be a sign of his impending release.

This is not a complete confirmation. No one knows for sure what will happen during Season 3, but with a well-known developer like Sanchez tweeting about it, many consider that substantive enough evidence to a new character addition. If the pattern continues fans should