The Release Date For Dead Island 2 Is Set For February 3

The Release Date For Dead Island 2 Is Set For February 3
Credit: pcgamer

At the most latest Gamescom, Deep Silver, the publisher of the forthcoming Dead Island 2 video game, debuted the game’s trailer and brief gameplay. There was a lot of “over-the-topness” and zombie killing in the trailers.

The largest and most comprehensive trailer shows the main character waking up after a difficult night of killing zombies. An abandoned residence that is littered with debris is present on the scene. Then the victim goes outdoors into the daylight, and all of a sudden, a horde of zombies attacks them.

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The focus of the game, as stated by the publisher, is “getting creative with your chosen zombie shooting” mode. In addition to a couple of other places, the game is reported to be set in a post-apocalyptic rendition of Los Angeles, California.

Regarding a launch date, Deep Silver said that the game will be available on February 3, 2023, for fans of the brand.

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The development of Dead Island 2 has been challenging; the game completely vanished from view for a period of time before resurfacing unexpectedly. Although Deep Silver stated in February of last year that the game was “in active development,” the firm has largely remained silent on the subject for the past six months.

Prior to being transferred to Sumo Digital four years later, the game’s original development started at a studio called Yager back in 2012. When Deep Silver handed up the project’s production to a team called Dambuster in 2019, Sumo lost control of it in a manner similar to how Yager did.

Leaks indicate that San Francisco and Los Angeles are just two of the Californian locations where Dead Island 2 reportedly takes place. While the series’ long-standing emphasis on cooperative gameplay will still be present in the game, it is anticipated to have an entirely new cast of characters.