Dead Island 2 Developer Supports Breakable Weapons

Dead Island 2 Developer Supports Breakable Weapons
Credit: ign

The inclusion of breakable weapons is not going anywhere, regardless of whether or not gamers enjoy using them. Breath of the Wild, Minecraft, and Silent Hill, amongst other games, are among those that have introduced weapons that deteriorate with time and finally fail.

Including this feature in the Switch version of the Legend of Zelda game has been particularly controversial. Additionally, weapons deterioration was a component of the first Dead Island game, and the creator of that game has stated that it would also be a feature of the second game in the series, in addition to providing additional detail into the reasoning behind this feature.

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Adam Duckett, design director at Dambuster Studios, shared his opinion with VG247 that he believes a portion of the appeal rests in players having access to a rotating roster of weaponry. Duckett explained that since ranged weapons have ammo, melee weapons must have degradation to function correctly.

We are generous with it; we want people to explore the complete arsenal of weaponry, so we have a lot of excellent mods, a lot of perks, and a lot of other stuff in this game that we want players to cycle through. The fact that players are allowed to have a wide variety of tools in their armory means that they will never be without something they can use, he said. So this is a convenient aspect.

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In Dead Island 2, players will have access to a weapon wheel that will allow them to equip eight different weapons at once. Additionally, players will be able to keep another eight weapons in reserve, bringing the total number of firearms from which they can choose to inflict harm on enemies to 16. This is a significant number of options.

This type will also involve some strategic considerations. For example, VG247 illustrated fighting a zombie that had previously served as a firefighter. In this scenario, utilizing a weapon that generates fire would have little effect on the zombie because they would be clad in clothing that would protect them from the flames.