Playtests For Dead Island 2 Will Be Finished Soon

Playtests For Dead Island 2 Will Be Finished Soon
Credit: verge

Dead Island 2 is still in existence and might make a comeback in the coming months to prove itself, despite what appears to have been a protracted and problematic production marked by many developer changes.

Insider Tom Henderson has recently said that Dead Island 2 should return at the 2022 Game Awards, or at the very least, by the end of the year.

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He has now revealed some new information that will help to partially confirm the earlier forecasts. Henderson, who is a member of the Nottingham, UK-based Dambuster Studios team and who is now developing the ill-fated action/RPG horror game, tweets that additional testing of Dead Island 2 is planned to begin at that location the following week.

The source also discloses that participants in testing must pay £20 per person for a four-hour exam session. Additional information is not yet available, but the proximity of the playtests can be regarded as a clue that Dambusters is actively working on bringing the game back in the latter half of 2022, at the very least.

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Since then, a financial conference call with Deep Silver and its parent firm Embracer Group has indicated that the game will launch before the fiscal year’s conclusion on March 31, 2023.

Although it is undoubtedly ambiguous, it is now less likely to be released around the previously predicted Q4 2022 timeframe.

To say the least, the development of Dead Island 2 has been turbulent. The game was originally going to be developed by Techland but understandably chose Dying Light instead.

It would have been close to rivaling the famed production of Duke Nukem Forever. The next developer was supposed to be Yager Development, but due to creative differences, the two companies parted ways, which led to Yager’s bankruptcy.