Harvestella, A New Farming Simulation Game From Square Enix, Unveils New Game Information Or Screenshots

Harvestella, A New Farming Simulation Game From Square Enix, Unveils New Game Information Or Screenshots

It’s understandable that large video game companies are concerned about publishing their own games in the same genres in light of the popularity of cozy games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and farming simulators like Stardew Valley.

That’s undoubtedly the reason Square Enix debuted Harvestella, a new farming simulation game, during the most recent Nintendo Direct in June 2022.

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Harvestella has recently received an update from the Japanese developer, who has given the community fresh gameplay information and screenshots from within the game to pique excitement.

Few details about Harvestella were made public when Square Enix announced it would be released this year. An introduction clip that showcased the stereotypical elements of farming simulation games like the Rune Factory series was displayed to Nintendo Direct viewers.

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This includes managing farms and crops, interacting with NPCs, exploring dungeons, and engaging in combat with monsters.

Gamers now have a better idea of Harvestella thanks to Square Enix’s most recent update, which will probably affect their choice to buy the game when it launches in November.

A number of fresh plot and gameplay elements for Harvestella were provided by the development team in an official blog that was published on the Square Enix website.

Players will take on the role of the spring city of Nemea and assist in resolving the issue pertaining to the city’s sea light, a crystal that affects the local climate. Asil and Truth are two additional Nemea residents who players will encounter and come to know better as they continue to play the game.

Sky Lancer is a brand-new profession class that Square Enix has announced as one of the new features. Players will have to battle creatures in the game, which is akin to the agricultural simulations in the Rune Factory series.

The blog also includes information about the player’s everyday activities, such as fishing and the many crops and meals he can make from them.