The PS5 Controller Has A Lot Of Similarities To The Dualshock 4, Gaming Console Could Feature A Radical Design

The PS5 Controller Has A Lot Of Similarities To The Dualshock 4, Gaming Console Could Feature A Radical Design
Credit: MrDalekJD via YouTube

The release of the PlayStation 5 is undoubtedly one of the most highly anticipated events next year. Fans are equally excited about the console’s controller. How does it stack up against its predecessor?

A patent recently filed in Japan could provide the answer. Based on images included in the said patent, the PS5 controller closely resembles the DualShock 4. It does not come much of a surprise. After all, Sony is not known for making sweeping changes to its devices.

Users will immediately notice that a lot of elements from the DualShock 4 is carried over to the PS5 controller. The Dual Shock’s latest iteration has a similar-looking D-pad and button placements, as well as a touch bar.

Moreover, the controller’s grips appear to be more rounded and a bit wider. Under the PlayStation button is also a weird-looking square. Gamers, however, are still guessing how this part will function.

A closer look at the PS5 controller shows that the thumbsticks are a bit shorter than those of its predecessor. The controller also has a USB-C type port on the backside, while the rear light bar has been eliminated.

But players must keep in mind that the patent for the controller was filed in March of this year. This could mean the design of the controller in the patent may not be the same as the final version. In the gaming industry, a lot could happen in a couple of months.

Sony, however, has not kept the PS5 controller in a veil of secrecy. The company has shared a couple of concrete details about the device. This includes the use of haptic feedback instead of rumble technology.

The controller also includes adaptive triggers for its L2 and R2 buttons. The players can program these to give them varying resistance levels. For instance, this feature could be to give users the feeling of pulling an actual bow.

What Sony has not done yet is to give out the actual name of the PS5 controller. By default, players could refer to it merely as DualShock 5. And based on the company’s history, this prediction might become a reality.

But what users are interested in finding out is how the PS5 will look like. A law firm representing Sony could offer some hints. Based on the industrial design submitted by the firm in Brazil, the latest console will sport a radical design. And the waiting game for fans continues.