The Polarizing Anthem Could Be Getting A Complete Rehaul According To BioWare

The Polarizing Anthem Could Be Getting A Complete Rehaul According To BioWare
Credit: Anthem Game via YouTube

Anthem has been one of the more polarizing games in recent memory. There are some gamers who genuinely enjoy the flight mechanics displayed by the Javelins. If you don’t already know, they’re like the suit Iron Man wears.  Throughout your time, you get to upgrade various sections and change out the cosmetics.

That’s where the critics come out of the woodwork. There haven’t been the bevvy of customizations that you would hope for and additional options do cost money. Not only that, but the game has felt devoid of any real personality and seems half-backed. This has lead to a lot of negative reviews, which Bioware has since acknowledged. They have in fact tried to save Anthem with regular updates.

One of their biggest was a Cataclysm update, which introduced new missions and features. Even still — though — there have been many not too happy with their experiences in Anthem. Thus, BioWare is going back to the drawing board once again. Only this time, they may be re-hauling this game entirely. That’s according to recent reports leading to Anthem being referred to as Anthem 2.0.

That means a lot of things could be changing, including the missions and loot system. On paper, this seems like a great idea from BioWare. They’ve already missed the mark in a lot of departments. At least with their continued effort to give this game life, it shows they’re dedicated to making up for their mistakes at launch.

You don’t often see this from gaming developers today. Normally when a project fails and doesn’t see the commercial success the studio hoped for, it’s done. BioWare seems to believe they can make the necessary improvements and Electronic Arts is on board too. Who knows what this game will look like in a year’s time?

BioWare isn’t sure how they’ll introduce this major re-haul. They could do it in spurts with monthly updates or they could just unveil a completely new game all at once. Whatever they decide to do, they’ll need to listen to the community. There have been plenty of complaints over the last year, and BioWare needs to truly improve the systems and designs that are flawed according to public opinion.

A much-improved Anthem does sound promising, though. It could be the game we all hoped for when this adventure online multiplayer was first teased a couple of years ago. Everyone is hoping for something truly special.