The PlayStation 5 Probably Won’t Be Presented At This Year’s E3 As Sony Is Possibly Skipping The Event Yet Again

The PlayStation 5 Probably Won’t Be Presented At This Year’s E3 As Sony Is Possibly Skipping The Event Yet Again
Credit: MrDalekJD via YouTube

For the longest time, E3 has been the premiere gaming conference where new and exciting news was released to the public. It always generates a lot of buzz, whether it’s the introduction of new games or a teaser for some revolutionary gaming technology. Despite it being one of the more popular annual events in the gaming industry, Sony has been noticeably absent from it.

Instead of joining Microsoft and others in all of the festivities, they decided to do their own thing. This has definitely upset a lot of fans in some way or another. Unfortunately, it looks like Sony is skipping the event again this year (2020). That’s according to Michael Pachter, an industry analyst that has received reports of Sony remaining absent once again.

Sony hasn’t confirmed or denied these rumors, but it makes sense that they would forgo E3 in favor of a distribution channel that they’re more directly tied into. It could perhaps even be their own streaming platform, State of Play. So with this news, it’s pretty safe to assume that we won’t be getting any reveal of the PlayStation 5.

That’s a shame too considering how much buzz this console has generated ever since spec details were softly teased. As it stands now, we have no real idea when this console will get an official announcement. Sony’s silence could hurt their sales if they’re not careful. Microsoft has already beat them to the punch. The reveal of their Xbox Series X has received mixed reviews, but at least Microsoft is doing everything they can to get gamers talking.

There have been a couple of screenshots of the developer test kits for the PS5. They look like a modern, high-tech modem to be honest. If history is anything to go off of, these kits will not look anything like the actual PS5 console.

PlayStation fans are sort of in an interesting spot right now. They know the next Sony console is going to be even more powerful than previous units, but there are still just so many details that Sony is keeping close to their chest. Time is running out.

Sony really needs to take a concerted effort to reach the gaming community. If they don’t and Microsoft keeps introducing things about the Xbox Series X, the PS5 could fall short in sales. That’s pretty crazy to contemplate considering the wide margins the PS4 had over the Xbox One.