The Online First-Person Shooter Planetside 3 Was Just Confirmed By Daybreak Games; Will Be Even More Massive

The Online First-Person Shooter Planetside 3 Was Just Confirmed By Daybreak Games; Will Be Even More Massive
Credit: PlanetSide Arena via YouTube

Any time a developer makes a free-to-play game and that game is of the same caliber as a premium title, that’s cause for celebration. There are a lot of these games available today, but one that always generates a lot of positive feedback is Planetside 2. It’s a massive online multiplayer, where you have the chance to utilize infantry and all sorts of unique vehicles across multiple planets.

It’s not often that a game like this comes around, so when it does, there’s plenty of reason to get excited. Fans of the first two games can rejoice even more as the developer — Daybreak Games — just confirmed a third installment.

Not only that, but it will be even more massive compared to the first two installments. That’s pretty incredible to contemplate when you think about it. It should lead to epic galactic battles on a scale that most gamers haven’t seen yet.

Executive producer of the project Andy Sites shared some details on this upcoming third installment, saying that it will feature a more expansive design. That’s promising to hear. It’s not often when a free-to-play game like this gets that much content.

Aside from the larger format, it will be interesting to see what Daybreak Games decides to change in this third installment. It would be nice to see the addition of even more open-ended maps, featuring distinct details that vary from planet to planet.

The second game did a great job in that regard. The developers included four huge maps with so many kilometers to wage war with other opponents.

Planetside 3 also needs to be better than the previous games in terms of the class options. This would give players the chance to customize how they approach each battle in greater detail, depending on their preferred tactical approach.

Not many adjustments are warranted in terms of the teamwork design, though. That has always been a great aspect of the Planetside games. Instead of just trying to win every battle alone, you get to take a more collective approach with allies. It will be this team-based approach that lets you expand your reign over the galaxy with success.

Daybreak Games hasn’t given an official release date for Planetside 3, but they are fixing to roll out a lot of improvements to Planetside Arena. This is pretty much a stepping stone between Planetside 2 and Planetside 3. As the year draws to an end, expect to see an official trailer release of what’s to come in this storied franchise.