The Next Expansion Called Terrormania For Rage 2 Drops In November; Introduces A Twisted Alternate Reality

The Next Expansion Called Terrormania For Rage 2 Drops In November; Introduces A Twisted Alternate Reality
Credit: Rubhen925 via YouTube

Rage 2 has been a pretty successful first-person shooter for id Software. It improves upon almost every element found in the original, from the open world to the progression weapon system. It thus far has only received one expansion. Now, it’s getting a second and it’s shaping up to be quite an amazing addition to an already fun game.

The second expansion — called Terrormania — goes live on November 14.  It’s introducing a lot of unique updates, but most prominently turning the wasteland into a cursed alternate reality. Now, the wastelands has skeletons everywhere and you’ll want to take them out fast before they put an end to your adventures.

The Deadlands are even more deadly and depressing than the wasteland, which is crazy to imagine given the desert-oriented environments all throughout. To defeat the menacing skeletons, you’ll get to use a powerful sword known as the Sword of Transitus. It deals a ton of damage up close and has the ability to unlock the gate between both realities.

This alternate reality has a lot of the same locations that you’ve explored in the base game, but they have a warped theme to them. For example, Wellspring is now appropriately titled Hellspring and Overgrown City is now Overbone City. The haunting themes make exploring these popular sites fun to do all over again.

You’ll need to be on your A game, though, as there are skeletons ready to launch a surprise attack when you least expect it. You’ll certainly want to keep your new sword by your side as you traverse through these forsaken lands.

In addition to these old locations with a new flare, there are completely new locations for you to explore. Some of these areas include the Floating Islands and Hospital. You’ll have to visit these locations in hopes of finding fragments of the shattered NecroDisc. You need to put the pieces back together so that you can return back to the normal version of reality.

As far as the enemies in this altered reality, you’ll see some familiar faces with a deadly theme. These include the River Hogs, Abadon Muties, and Goon Squad.

If you own the base game and are hoping to check out this creative expansion, you can pay 500 Rage coins, which equates to $5. Overall, the expansion seems like a fun time and a great way to put a spooky twist on some familiar locations and enemies.