The Full Version Of The Division 2 Is Completely Free To Play This Weekend Thanks To Ubisoft

The Full Version Of The Division 2 Is Completely Free To Play This Weekend Thanks To Ubisoft
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Any time a major triple A game gets a free trial period, that’s always an amazing thing to celebrate. It gives players who’ve not had the chance to play said games the opportunity to see what they’ve been missing. More often times than not, they subsequently dive deep into the title like many do at launch.

A free trial period is happening this weekend for The Division 2 according to Ubisoft. They want people to see what they’ve been missing since this tactical shooter launched back in February of last year. If you’re up for some epic shooting action, then this weekend is your chance. The game will be free all the way up until March. That’s a couple of days to experience the full version of the game, which comes loaded with content.

There are a lot of things that The Division 2 gets right. For starters, its open-ended environments beg to be explored. It’s rare that you feel this way for a game in this space. Massive Entertainment really stepped up their game when thinking about how players would move through the varied settings of DC. Speaking of Washington, it’s now a wild west of lawlessness. You’ll have to band together with a resistance force. Starting out, you’ll get to create your own Division character. There are various ways you can customize their clothes and appearance.

Where this game really shines is its four-player support. Joining a session with friends and playing through missions is an amazing time. You’ll be engaged from the jump. The progression system as far as the weapons also is amazing. You’ll get to collect a bunch of weapons, from pistols to assault rifles. Each one is categorized into a tier. The higher-tier weapons are pretty difficult to access, but they have amazing stats. You can definitely fast-track your progression by seeking them in the beginning.

As you progress, you also have a bunch of items like armor to collect. Overall, the loot system is amazing and it will have you coming back for more. Even the story is pretty well-rounded and will keep you immersed. The Division 2 isn’t perfect, particularly in the end-game department, but it has a lot going for it. Even still today, it’s one of the best games in this genre. If you’ve wondered what gameplay is like or how the missions are structured, then this weekend is your time to get in on the action for free. Thanks Ubisoft.