The Demo For Pathologic 2 Is Currently Out Now; Shows Off Creepy And Ominous Tones

The Demo For Pathologic 2 Is Currently Out Now; Shows Off Creepy And Ominous Tones
Credit: BagoGames via Flickr (license)

Those looking for a spooky horror game to play over the weekend might enjoy Pathologic 2. It is a re-imagining of the original, where a town has recently been hit by a mysterious plague. It is your job to dive deep into this story and find secrets hidden deep within this forsaken land. 

The demo is currently out now on Steam. You get to take on the role of Haruspex, one of the three playable characters. You’ll spend half a day exploring many creepy and unsettling environments. 

Although the demo is small, the developers did want to simulate what you’d actually experience in the game. It should pique your interest just enough without revealing too much before Pathologic 2 officially releases on May 23. 

If you enjoy psychological thrillers and scary games, this seems like something worth checking out on PC. The environments have ominous tones, as do the children. They have that Children of the Corn vibe quite honestly. You just get a sense that something is off and they know more than they’re letting on. 

From what has been shown of this demo’s gameplay, the entire atmosphere is dripping of darkness. This makes sense given that the town is currently dealing with some sort of plague. The more you explore, the creepier the game tends to get. 

There are plenty of artifacts and objects for you to examine. They leave you with passages and possible clues. You thus get to put on your Sherlock Holmes’ glasses and think like a detective. It appears like you’re awarded for your curiosity too, whether it’s background information on a particular character or clues to where you should venture off to next.

The demo also gives you plenty of opportunities to interact with the townspeople. They’re adorned in particularly interesting attire, much like you would seek back in the 1600s. You have the ability to select different responses when answering their questions. How you speak to each character is important for gaining valuable details. 

The demo even lets you test out the combat mechanics in Pathologic 2. They’re melee-based and require you to time your enemy’s attack to deliver a perfect counter. It doesn’t seem like you’ll be on the offensive a lot in this game, but defensively, the mechanics work pretty well. 

Again, this demo doesn’t have a long run time — but its shortness is made up with the general idea you get the game is going for. You’re introduced to this creepy world for the first time, and more than likely, you’ll want to continue on the path to discovery when the official game rolls out.