World War Z Has Already Sold More Than 1 Million Copies In A Week; Takes Zombie-Killing To The Next Level

World War Z Has Already Sold More Than 1 Million Copies In A Week; Takes Zombie-Killing To The Next Level
Credit: steamXO

World War Z has only been out a week, and yet, in that time has sold over 1 million copies. This is quite an amazing feat that should be highly praised. The developers at Saber Interactive really knew what direction they wanted to take this zombie-oriented action game.

Ever since the book and subsequent movie came out, fans have been intrigued with the zombies World War Z has depicted. They aren’t your ordinary zombies that lumber forward, without a clue of what’s going on. No. These zombies are fast-killing machines, who will stop at nothing until they sink their teeth into some flesh. It’s quite terrifying.

Well, World War Z brings these zombies to the video game sector. It’s a nightmare come true in all of the best ways. World War Z beautifully highlights the zombie horde. Time and time again, thousands of zombies sprint to your direction and it’s up to you and your team to counter them in some way.

You get to choose between six different classes. Each features a different skill that you’ll want to test out, seeing what type of zombie-killing combat you prefer.The shooting mechanics in this game aren’t the most complex, but that’s where the joy comes in. You can enjoy mowing down zombie after zombie with a semi-automatic or a stationary machine gun.

There are many ways to approach zombies as well. Teamwork is almost always necessary for having long-term success, though. Killing is not what you’ll be doing all of the time, either. There will be instances when you’ll have to complete simple tasks, such as finding a key or setting up traps to strengthen your defense.

Still, while you’re venturing out into the open, the threat of the horde is constantly on your mind. The developers did a phenomenal job at springing it on you when you feel you’re completely safe. Sure, you can pick off a couple of zombies in your near vicinity. You’ll still want to retreat and coordinate with your team, making co-op a truly important feature in this game.

It feels so satisfying to keep the horde at bay with some of your closest friends. It almost has a Left 4 Dead feel, providing plenty of team satisfaction and fun moments. World War Z is different, though, in that it has a more serious tone. It helps build suspense and make action sequences even better.

There are so many things that are perfect with this game that any weaknesses are easily overshadowed. And they should be because World War Z is a gem as far as zombie games go.