The AusCraft Tournament Final Match Between Future and Blysk has Named a Finals Winner – Spoilers Within!

The AusCraft Tournament Final Match Between Future and Blysk has Named a Finals Winner – Spoilers Within!
Credit: auscraftgg via YouTube

The first match saw both players in a harass-heavy early game, with Blysk sending enough oracles to take out almost twenty of Future’s workers. Future returned fire and took out a handful of Blysk’s probes before moving in with a pair of siege tanks and infantry to take out his opponent’s natural expansion. The match ended there in the early moments as Future moved into checkmate after only a few moments with his counter-push.

Moving to the second match, both players accidentally mirrored each other and went for proxy, with Future managing to fend Blysk’s offense off by surrounding a lone stalker with his workers before managing to push out a few reapers for defense. Blysk still managed to take victory after a renewed assault on Future’s natural successfully took down all of his opponent’s defenses.

AusCraft moved to Triton LE for the third match, where a bit of sportsmanship started the match off as Blysk paused to make sure that Future wasn’t lagging. Future thanked Blysk for checking (the tournament had suffered a few technical difficulties) before confirming he was alright to continue playing. The game involved a considerable amount of back-and-forth before Blysk ultimately claimed dominance by wiping out Future’s army while already taking out his main base with a backdoor army of zealots and dark templar.

Future’s bio-push in the seventh minute of the fourth game saw him earn a quick victory that push the series into the fifth game, with either player standing to win the final. In that final match, both players took a calmer approach as they buckled in for defense, taking their naturals while they scouted each other with little aggression. Future inevitably took the series in a strong push, ending the game early with a single aggressive move.

The series was short, with no game lasting longer than ten minutes. Future described the series as “way too stressful” in a post-game interview, discussing how powerful both he and his opponent were in the early game. The victor gave massive compliments to Blysk, applauding his aggression and micro abilities and congratulating him for bringing unexpected techniques.

With the final match set, we have our first contestant for the grand finale as Future moves forward. He expressed hope that he could end up facing fellow Terran player Vindicta in the grand final. Vindicta will need to defeat Seither and PigJunior if he hopes to make it far enough to face Future in that matchup.