The Action-Adventure Game Sea Of Thieves Is Now Available On Steam

The Action-Adventure Game Sea Of Thieves Is Now Available On Steam
Credit: Sea of Thieves via YouTube

Sea of Thieves has been available on the Windows Store ever since launching back in 2018. It has since gradually become better. What was once a game full of repetition now has a lot of meaningful content and treasures to go after.

It’s June 3 and now Sea of Thieves is officially available on Steam. That just means more people will be able to check out this action-adventure game from Rare.

The developer has spent the better part of two years making improvements and introducing updates. Each one has improved gameplay in some capacity, as well as brought forth interesting challenges and new features.

It’s a testament to Rare not giving up on this pirate title. They knew it had a ton of potential and even though the launch was a little rocky, they’ve steered this ship in the right direction.

Now there are just so many things to do as a solo pirate or with a team of trusty sea mates. You can go around causing trouble for other explorers, destroying their ships and taking their loot.

Or you can just go on treasure hunts and collect meaningful rewards at the end of each journey. Either way, the openness of Sea of Thieves is truly impressive and it’s one of the better games to play with a party.

The fact that Rare has added themed events also is impressive. They are distinct and give players just another reason to return for some sea adventures. It’s 2020 and it doesn’t look like the developer has plans of stopping the frequent updates any time soon.

If you have yet to check out Sea of Thieves, Steam is the perfect destination to pick it up. It’s user-friendly and comes with a bevvy of useful features that can further enhance your pirate adventures.

There are a lot of pirate games on the marketplace, but Sea of Thieves stands out amongst most. It lets you take on the role of a pirate in a fun and in-depth way. Pirating a ship and setting sail not knowing where you’ll end up is thrilling. It’s this feeling that will bring you back over and over.

It will be interesting to see how Sea of Thieves looks at the end of 2020. The developer can still do so many great things, whether it’s keeping the themed events coming strong or introducing new pets. Either way, there is always something new to check out on the open waters.