Total War Saga: Troy Will Be An Epic Games Store Exclusive And Free For A Limited Time

Total War Saga: Troy Will Be An Epic Games Store Exclusive And Free For A Limited Time
Credit: Game Clips And Tips via YouTube

The next installment in the Total War series is Total War Saga: Troy. It features the epic period of the Bronze Age Mediterranean era when Troy was at war with Mycenaean Greece. This 20-year conflict is so historic and players will get to experience it like never before thanks to this game.

It was just announced by Sega and Creative Assembly that this grand turn-based game will be available exclusively on the Epic Games Store. It’s a pretty big pickup for the platform and just goes to show Epic Games’ desire to compete side by side Steam.

That’s not all. The studious also revealed that for the first 24 hours of releasing on this platform, players will be able to pick it up for free and keep. That’s not too bad of a deal considering how great the previous Total War installments have been.

This is the studios’ way of attracting a larger audience to the franchise, which can be a bit intimidating at first. There are many systems and features players have to account for. Beginners will probably feel like a fish out of water for the first couple of hours.

Like any grand strategy game, though, Total War Saga: Troy gives you plenty to master. That just means a boatload of content to dive headfirst into out of the gate.

Currently, the game is set to release on the Epic Games Store August 13. After some period of time, it will then be available on other platforms.

The game itself looks very promising. Players will get to enjoy real-time battles and in-depth tinkering. They’ll also get to experience this lengthy war from both the Greek and Trojan sides. On paper, that seems like a great way to experience what it was like during these times of war and hostility.

According to the game’s description, you’ll get to play as one of eight heroes. You’ll also be given the choice to defend the kingdom of Troy or fight against it. Either way, you can bet there will be some tough decisions on the horizon.

Even if you’ve never experienced a Total War game before, this latest installment seems very promising and worth a try. You can’t really go wrong considering it’s free for a limited time either. Do you tempt fate and do things differently according to history? Or do you keep things on the straight and narrow based on what actually happened? That’s what you can find out this August.