Terraria’s Final Update Will Include tModLoader To Assist In Users Finding And Loading Mods

Terraria’s Final Update Will Include tModLoader To Assist In Users Finding And Loading Mods
Credit: Re-Logic via YouTube

In the past, no one would necessarily accuse Terraria of being mod-friendly. The 2D Metroidvania survival-builder from Re-Logic has survived for nearly a decade now, originally released on May 16, 2011 for PC, and the content has continued to grow exponentially over time as Re-Logic reapproached the title again and again with new ideas to stuff into the title. As the now legendary title quickly approaches its ninth anniversary since its original release on Steam, players find themselves looking not only at a birthday for the sandbox title, but the final update from Re-Logic studios titled Journey’s End.

In the past, modding Terraria has been something of a pain, frankly put. There is no Steam Workshop, nor a readily available official mod loader, which means that players typically have to mess around with file hierarchy while combing the internet for various mods that are buried in forums. It’s almost akin to the general mess that Minecraft modding offers, which holds a mild irony considering that many dubbed Terraria as ‘2D Minecraft’.

Finally, a tool arose that offered to manage everyone’s mods for them called tModLoader. The mod to control other mods is nestled by users into the root folder for Terraria and offers the ability to not only allow users to peruse and select a litany of mods (with appropriate search and browsing functions that range from popularity to recently updated), but it also loads them all for the user, taking care of the downloads and load order.

To say that it has become a necessary tool for users looking to add more content to Terraria, is an understatement.

Yesterday, Re-Logic took to the official Terraria forums to announce that tModLoader will be added as an official DLC for Terraria in the upcoming Journey’s End update that is set to launch on the title’s ninth anniversary of May 16, 2020.

It’s a smart move by Re-Logic as they look at ending official support for the beloved title that has appeared on everything from consoles to mobile phones, rivaling Bethesda’s Skyrim in how many platforms it can be run on, and the number of times that a singular title can launch. This move ensures that everyone can add and remove content as they see fit from Terraria well into the future, without the hassle of finding the correct files and nestling it into its home in the folders.

Regardless of the ease in which all users will be able to add new content, the final update will absolutely leave a Re-Logic sized hole in the majority of gamers hearts; thankfully Journey’s End is looking to pack a tremendous amount of content into this final patch.