Tangle Tower Is Coming To Nintendo Switch And PC On October 10, Already Out For Apple Arcade Users

Tangle Tower Is Coming To Nintendo Switch And PC On October 10, Already Out For Apple Arcade Users
Credit: SFB Games

The studio behind the popular Switch title Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together! has released a new adventure game. Tangle Tower is available on the Apple Arcade right now with PC, and Nintendo Switch releases coming mid-October. The thrilling mystery adventure explores a twisted mansion in search of clues to solve puzzles. Like the previous game by the same developer, it holds a cartoonish feel while still maintaining a co-op puzzle challenge.

This game follows up the previous title, Detective Grimoire, in a whole new murder mystery. This game brings it a unique visual style and the promise of eccentric deductive reasoning. The game is being devolved by SFB Games who started out as a Flash Game developer online.

Freya Fellow has been murdered, and the only suspect is a shadowy figure that was looming over the body, wielding a knife. The problem is that this suspect is just a painting. Now you must investigate the entirety of Tangle Tower from the bizarre and eerie garden to the ominous crime scene at the top of the tower.

The game is fully voiced with an animated cast of colorful characters. Interrogate each one and explore the house as you slowly uncover the truth of the murder mystery. It is like a goofy cartoon version of Clue.

The environments you will explore are beautifully painted, giving the entire world an almost art-book feel. On top of this is a soothing atmospheric orchestral soundtrack that helps tie the piece together and make the entire experience a mystery to remember.

The tower is full of discovering curious clues and solving unique puzzles as you must deduce who murdered poor Freya. This is not your first adventure as you have done all this before in Detective Grimoire: Adventure Game. 

This series was born back in 2007 on the Armor Games website where it was originally a Flash Game. As a character-driven mystery game, it was more complex than most of the games of its time. It then evolved into a Kickstart project and launched into a full game and started the official SFB games.

This game is currently available on the Apple Arcade. Come October 10 the game will be released on Nintendo Switch and PC for $19.99. You can keep an eye on the game’s progress via the Steam Page or subscribe to their email list. With the massive success of their previous games, players can expect many more interesting adventures to be born out of this unique devlopment studio.