The Hit Series Narcos Is Getting A Game Called Narcos: Rise of the Cartels Is Set To Release This Fall

The Hit Series Narcos Is Getting A Game Called Narcos: Rise of the Cartels Is Set To Release This Fall
Credit: Curve Digital

The popular television series Narcos is getting a game that will let you battle cartels. Live out your police fantasies in this turn-based strategy game in the depths of Columbia. This new game will follow the events of the first season of Narcos and is narrated by El Patron himself. You can play as either the Medellin Cartel of the DEA as you go through this drug-running adventure.

This is the first of many games being made from TV and Netflix series. Other outlets have reported that Netflix might be selling video game rights to many of their exclusive titles. This is everything from mobile adaptations to full-on productions to try and let fans experience the world of their shows more in-depth.

This game brings its brilliantly-written characters and gritty realism of the Colombian drug wars to the gaming audience. The game comes with two campaigns, each being told from a separate side of the fight. You can choose to help the Medellin Cartel build up their quickly-expanding drug empire or fight them as members of the DEA.

The combat is a mix of turn-based strategy with real-time combat. If you choose to play as a member of the criminal underworld, you will form a team of class-specific roles and attempt to take over all of Colombia. El Patron himself watches your battle as you slowly build up the empire and gain territory.

Agent Steve Murphy leads the DEA as you work with him to bring El Patron to justice. It is your duty to stop his empire from growing and end the drug war once and for all. You get to build your team and fight back to protect Colombia from the cartel’s power.

Each campaign will let you visit iconic locations taken from the show. You get to travel from the sun-drenched jungles to the damp streets of Medellin itself. You are not traveling alone as you team up with favorite characters such as El Mexicano, Pena, and Primo. Each of them have their unique perks to help turn the tide of the battle.

Actions you take in the game will have lasting consequences. If you lose a team member during a battle, they are gone for good. Units on both sides move simultaneously, so you have to act fast to keep in control of the ever-changing battlefield.

Although there is no set a date for the game’s release it is known to be releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. If you are a fan of the show, then it is now your turn to see if you can end the drug war for good.