Steam Remote Play Together Now Available In Beta, Feature Works Automatically In Local Games

Steam Remote Play Together Now Available In Beta, Feature Works Automatically In Local Games
Credit: AllGamers via YouTube

Players of local co-op and multiplayer games, including those into split-screen titles, have every reason to celebrate. The Steam Remote Play Together feature has already allowed them to enjoy local games with their favorite people.

Several local gamers could have been dreaming of experiencing Steam titles with those they want to play with. This was never possible in the past.

On Monday, Oct. 21, the beta version of the new feature was launched. This means that friends can already play together on PCs, even from different locations. A maximum of four players or even more can play altogether through the Steam Remote Play Together feature.

According to Valve, the number of participants can be increased, provided that the conditions are “ideal.” The company did not explain, though, what particular situations it is referring to.

By integrating such a feature into local games automatically, the host can send invites to friends to start the fun. This host is the one who owns the Steam game to be played. Meanwhile, the “friends” can play the chosen game of the host by streaming via the Steam Remote Play.

To invite other players, the host needs to visit the Steam Overlay and access the friends’ list. Then, the Steam “Remote Play Together” option has to be picked. Once the invited friends have already accepted the invitation, they practically gain access to the host’s unit. Their controllers would work as if they are being plugged to the game owner’s PC.

The scenario may sound scary for some. Nevertheless, it must be noted that the host can control the access, and this can be limited to only the mouse and keyboard. In the meantime, players can check it to become a participant of the Steam Client Beta. It can be recalled that the Steam Remote Play Together feature was announced officially a few weeks ago.

On the other hand, Steam introduced more titles that have joined its long list of available titles.

On the day the new feature’s beta version was launched, five games were likewise published on the Steam page. They are Chernobylite, Autonauts, Disc Creatures, Sea Salt, and The Beast Inside.

Chernobylite is about the aftermath of the disaster brought by the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion. Autonauts is a sandbox automation simulation game. Disc Creatures is somehow similar to Pokemon since players have to catch creatures using a disc. Sea Salt talks about a horrific experience. The Beast Inside is another horror title that is both thrilling and a run for survival.

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