Starfield Will Attend Gamescom, But There Won’t Be Any New Gameplay

Starfield Will Attend Gamescom, But There Won’t Be Any New Gameplay
Credit: pcgamer

Everyone is pleading for more information about Starfield even after its massive 15-minute revelation this season. The following week’s Gamescom fan event in Germany would reportedly feature Starfield gaming. However, it turns out that the fans’ expectations were perhaps a little too lofty.

A news article claiming that players would be able to watch Redfall and Starfield gaming at the Bethesda fan event on August 26 momentarily caused a stir on the Starfield subreddit. To see a replay of the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase gameplay demonstrations for Redfall and Starfield, it had been modified by the time our TechRadar colleagues read it.

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Bethesda now seems to have modified the news page once more and deleted all references to Starfield attending the fan event. That theory is thus refuted.

At Gamescom, Starfield will be present at Bethesda’s stand. It states that a life-size VASCO companion robot will be available for people to pause and take pictures with. There might also be a repeat of Bethesda’s gameplay reveal from June there. However, we don’t anticipate anything novel.

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Regarding the remaining events, you can see Xbox’s Livestream plan for next Thursday, August 25, in our Gamescom 2022 schedule.

During its six hours of booth coverage, it intends to showcase a variety of games and companies, notably Pentiment, Microsoft Flight Sim, and Minecraft Legends. Unfortunately, no word of Starfield.

On August 23, there will also be the Opening Night Live showcase, which will be emceed by Geoff Keighley. I would have anticipated Keighley to hype Bethesda’s appearance on the ONL stage much as he does with the majority of the lineup.

I won’t rule out the potential of being shocked, but given that we recently witnessed a fairly in-depth look at gameplay, I suspect Bethesda won’t have anything new for us to see until later this year.