Stardew Valley’s Much Anticipated Multiplayer Update Hits PlayStation 4 But Fails To Gain Xbox Approval Yet Again

Stardew Valley’s Much Anticipated Multiplayer Update Hits PlayStation 4 But Fails To Gain Xbox Approval Yet Again
Credit: stardewvalley

Stardew Valley has had many patches and updates throughout its time, but none have been as asked for as the upcoming multiplayer update. The patch has been out on both Nintendo Switch and PC for a while, but Xbox and PlayStation fans have had to wait longer. In a bittersweet turn of events, the developer has decided to release the PlayStation 4 patch early while Xbox One’s version gets resubmitted for certification.

This does allow the PlayStation 4 gamers will have full access to all the changes and the multiplayer function. This does mean that Xbox One fans will have to wait a little while longer for the update. So far Eric Barone, the creator of Stardew Valley, is unsure of why the game update has failed Xbox certifications, but he is going to continue trying to get the content to the dedicated fans.

Back in February, the developer said that the multiplayer update was coming along well and would be released simultaneously. Although fans do not know exactly what has gone wrong with the patch, they remain positive and understanding with the developers.

For those who have access to the update, reviews are coming back positive. Many community members are excited about the patch as they expected the game to be even more fun with friends. Online the reviewers are giving the game positive reviews across the board saying that the multiplayer patch was a “much-needed addition.”

“I am doing everything within my power to work with the porting company to figure out what’s going on with the Xbox update, to resolve the issue and get it out as soon as possible. I apologise to the Xbox players for this delay and thank you very much for your patience,” reads a tweet from Barone.

This does allow for players to farm, sell goods, mine, and explore together now. There is a trade mechanic and similar to Minecraft you can build your own life. All the core features are being included allowing all fans of the game to play.

In the future, the developer is planning for cross-play between systems allowing anyone who plays the game to share their love. Fans continue to be supportive as they wait patiently for the update to happen. If you are one of the lucky fans to have the update, then you have an exciting weekend ahead of playing with your best buds.

For more information, you can find a full overview of the multiplayer mode on the Stardew Valley subreddit. There is an active Reddit community that keeps everyone up to date on the game’s development.