Starcraft: Remastered’s Sixth Season Has Begun, With New Maps And Prizes

Starcraft: Remastered’s Sixth Season Has Begun, With New Maps And Prizes
Credit: StarCraft via YouTube

The original Starcraft was released more than twenty years ago, but that doesn’t stop the competitive scene from being alive and well on the remastered version that Blizzard released back in 2017. The sixth ranked season has begun, with an updated map pool and new rewards to earn while you climb the ladder.

To be ranked, players will need to complete five placement matches to see where in the ranks you should be placed. For the first two weeks of the season, ranks will be based off of the previous season’s MMR, or Matchmaking Rating ranges. Once that two-week period is over, Blizzard intends to implement the following percentage-based ranking system:

  • S – Top 1%
  • A – 7%
  • B – 21%
  • C – 21%
  • D – 21%
  • E – 21%
  • F – 8%

Utilizing this system will keep the ranks split accordingly instead of just lumping everyone into similar categories. There are also only seven tiers, rather than the multi-tiered systems that we see in other games with the bronze/silver/gold/platinum/diamond/etc., which helps the ranks stay much more straight-forward. An E is an E, instead of some subcategory of an E while they work towards promotion matches.

Climbing the ranks will also be rewarded with new portraits. Four variations of the Ultralisk portrait are up for grabs for anyone who can distinguish themself on the ladder, including an animated portrait for those skilled enough to make it all the way to the S ranking.

There’s also a new map pool including the following seven battlegrounds:

New Bloody Ridge 2.1 is a two-player map that was featured in Afreeca Starleague (ASL) Season 8, set on a hilly jungle planet with a central expansion rich in vespene gas.

Hitchiker is an icy two-player map from ASL season 9, encouraging aggressive play due to its close-quarters bases.

Neo-Sylphid is a three-player map and a fan favorite of the devs, which has also appeared in ASL seasons 7-9.

La Mancha is a four-player desert with a unique windmill-inspired layout helping to facilitate combat on the four central hills.

Circuit Breaker 1.0 is a classic four-player map with a long history in competitive play, helping to force sprawling battles with a focus on macro playstyles.

Escalade 0.90 is a new addition set on a space platform with differing elevation to reward skillful army positioning.

Fighting Spirit returns as a fan-favorite, a four-player map with a rich central base to encourage map dominance to those brave enough to try and take it.

The sixth season has already begun, so charge up your shields and go earn your rank!