Take-Two CEO Disappointed With WWE 2K20, Says 2K And Visual Concepts Will Work Closer To Resolve Development Issues

Take-Two CEO Disappointed With WWE 2K20, Says 2K And Visual Concepts Will Work Closer To Resolve Development Issues
Credit: 2K

Last October, 2K released their annual WWE game, and almost immediately after it launched, players began to express their discontent with what was one of the most disastrous AAA launches in recent memory. Of course, the developers tried to resolve all of the game’s issues with post-launch software patches, and while the game has been somewhat improved, it’s still, for the most part, a disaster.

During a quarterly earnings call, Strauss Zelnick, who is the CEO of Take-Two Interactive, said that the company was disappointed by their annual WWE game. He also said that 2K Games is planning to work closer with developer Visual Concepts to ensure that WWE 2K21 isn’t the disaster that 2K20 was.

“While we’re disappointed that WWE 2K20 did not meet our expectations, both in terms of sales and quality,” said Take-Two’s CEO. “2K is actively working with Visual Concepts to ensure that these issues are addressed in the future, and they’ll have more to share on their plans soon. The WWE brand continues to expand worldwide, and there remains a substantial long-term opportunity to grow our WWE 2K series by improving the quality of the game.”

2K recently released a patch for their current WWE game, and it did resolve some of the game’s issues. You can take a look at the full patch notes below.

  • Addressed main menu crashes.
  • Addressed the game freezing at various points.
  • Fixed crashes that occur while players are trying to delete a custom arena.
  • Fixed certain entrance and custom entrance animations.
  • Addressed concerns that characters may warp, clip, float or fall during certain animations and scenarios.
  • Addressed reported visual concerns related to custom championships.
  • Fixed crashes that occur while players are entering the Elimination Chamber.

In addition to the added fixes, WWE 2K20 also received a new DLC expansion which is based on Southpaw Regional Wrestling. The update brings two new arenas and a ton of alternate attires for the current roster of wrestlers. There’s also a new Showcase Mode about the ownership of the aforementioned fictional Southpaw Regional Wrestling promotion.

Even though the game has been improved since it launched back in October, it’s unlikely that it’s going to sell a ton of copies going forward given its horrendous launch. Of course, 2K’s annual WWE game usually launches each fall, so we’ll have to wait until then to see how much of an impact 2K20’s terrible launch will have on 2K21.