Stadia Pro Plans To Add Six(6) Free Games This June, Like The Elder Scrolls Online And Get Packed

Stadia Pro Plans To Add Six(6) Free Games This June, Like The Elder Scrolls Online And Get Packed
Credit: Stadia

Google just revealed the new ‘free’ game titles that will be unveiled and launched in Stadia Pro this June, and it seems to be the biggest month for users yet.

Although Google has dropped two or three games for Stadia Pro most months, they would drop six in June like Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, The Elder Scrolls Online, Superhot, and Little Nightmares.

Also, the following titles are going to be released on June 1.

• Get Packed – This funny cooperative/competitive game challenges you and your friends in a race to avoid wacky hazards as you struggle to relocate furniture and possessions in the face of overwhelming odds.
• Little Nightmares – Dive into an extraordinary atmospheric adventure with Little Nightmares. Face the darkness and overcome insidious challenges in this spellbinding story.
• Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid – It’s Morphin’ Time! Take control of iconic heroes, harness your unique skills, and beat down Goldar in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid.
• Superhot – In this inventive and surprising take on the first-person shooter, time only moves when you do. Freeze and plot your moves, roll out your attacks with fluid precision in this stylish and challenging blend of fast reflexes and puzzle-solving.
• Panzer Dragoon: Remake – Celebrate the triumphant return of one of gaming’s great shooter classics. Pilot your dragon across strange and beautiful vistas, overcoming cunning enemies in this action spectacular.

In the meantime, there would be another big game that will be ported to Stadia Pro on June 16

• The Elder Scrolls Online – One of the most beloved and deep multiplayer RPGs of all time will be ready to play instantly across your laptops, desktops, compatible phones and tablets, and TVs with Chromecast Ultra. The Elder Scrolls Online on Stadia also features the Morrowind Chapter as free content.

Google Stadia Overview
For those alien to this concept, Google Stadia shouldn’t be looked at a subscription service, instead of in addition to being a Stadia subscriber, you still would have to pay a premium price for newly developed games.

With that said, those who sign up for Stadia Pro gets access to a small rotation of titles at no additional price. Besides, Google is already giving free access to two months of Stadia Pro. After necessary actions and precautions, the amount for Stadia Pro is still $10 monthly.

What have been your thoughts on Stadia? Have you found interest in Stadia? Well, all I can say now is that everyone is anticipating the gameplay of The Elder Scrolls Online. The readiness of people to play The Elder Scrolls Online