Square Enix Themed Cafe Will Be Opening Up In Beijing Featuring Final Fantasy 7 Remake Inspired Drinks

Square Enix Themed Cafe Will Be Opening Up In Beijing Featuring Final Fantasy 7 Remake Inspired Drinks
Credit: PlayStation Via YouTube

The reach of Final Fantasy and the company behind it, Square Enix, is long. The franchise can be easily applied to merchandise, games, apparel, and more. Now, Final Fantasy is making a splash in the world of beverages, when a new Square Enix pop-up café opens in Beijing China.

The café will be selling various themed drinks and products based on the popular games of Square Enix. There will be nine themed drinks in all, with three of them having already been revealed.

As should come as no shock to anyone, the first drinks to be announced coincide with Final Fantasy VII Remake, the most recent Square release. We’ve got drinks related to Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith, with more on the way.

The Cloud is served in a tall thin glass with tapioca pearls lining the bottom. This is a citrus based yellow drink topped with whipped cream, a slice of lemon, and a tiny replica of Cloud’s Buster Sword. What’s even cooler is that the drink matches the character’s color scheme.

The Tifa comes in a shorter wider glass. The bottom layer is some form of jelly, topped by a cream-based liquid on the rocks. Whipped cream and chocolate syrup are on the top. The Aerith is a simple pink fruit based beverage, decorated with flower petals.

It’s unclear at the moment whether the remaining six drinks will be based on Final Fantasy VII, or Final Fantasy in general. There are many other Square Enix properties to choose from. We could see some kind of Kingdom Hearts inspired item, or something to go with the company’s upcoming release of Marvel’s The Avengers. Perhaps even something pertaining to Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider franchise.

It would also be cool to see something more obscure like Legend of Dragoon or Parasite Eve, but with only six more options, it’s best not to hold your breath on that.

It’s not likely that the Square Enix Café will come to the United States anytime soon, but it will certainly be interesting to watch how it performs over in China.

Final Fantasy VII Remake was released on April 10, 2020 on the PlayStation 4 console to rave reviews. It was a huge money maker for Square Enix, performing exceptionally well despite the COVID-19 pandemic raging at the time of its release.

While physical copies of the game undersold, it was bolstered by very strong digital sales. It has been confirmed that Square Enix is already hard at work on the next installment of Final Fantasy VII Remake, though no release window has been provided.