Some Important News Has Come Out For Fortnite’s Season 9.30 Update

Some Important News Has Come Out For Fortnite’s Season 9.30 Update
Credit: PlayStation Australia via YouTube

When you think of the battle royale genre, one game should immediately come to mind. That is — of course — Fortnite. It created waves in the gaming community when it first came out in 2017.

The concept was simple: 100 players battle it out until only one remains. It wasn’t just any battle royale, though. A lot of building and strategy are involved. These distinctions have helped Fortnite retain its dominance amongst its competitors.

The game has also given rise to so many iconic gamers, such as Ninja. He’s quite possibly the most recognizable gamer to date. Fortnite is now in its ninth season. It’s gaining a lot of hype, too.

There are all sorts of new updates worth mentioning for version 9.30. One of the most important is the addition of Chug Splash. It’s a drink that when thrown on the ground, can give nearby players a boost of health. Even enemy players will receive a boost, so players have to be extremely careful where they throw this six-pack on the ground.

It should create new ways for squad teams to play. When players are low on health and all seems lost, a quick burst of Chug Splash will restore their health by 20%. This six-pack will certainly be needed when multiple players on your squad are injured and about to face extermination.

Chug Splash will be readily available throughout the island. Players thus don’t have to worry about opponents having an unfair advantage when giving their teammates more health.

Three Limited Time modes are also being added to this Season 9 update. The first is Sniper Shootout Duos. You’ll be forced to use only a sniper against an opponent. This will require you to gain a superior advantage and be quick on the trigger. It should lead to a lot of strategy and added tension.

The next is Trios, which as the name implies, features squads in threes. Players will have the chance to compete with two other friends, and they’ll have to work together in order to come out on top.

The last mode, Solid Gold Squads, involves squad play with only Legendary weapons. These are the best of the best, so this mode should up the stakes like never before.

If you’re a fan of Fortnite, these updates are great to see. If you’ve never played this battle royale before, Season 9 may be the perfect time to see what all the rage is about. You won’t be disappointed.