Sign Ups Close Monday For Upcoming Age Of Empires Decathlon Tournament!

Sign Ups Close Monday For Upcoming Age Of Empires Decathlon Tournament!
Credit: Microsoft via YouTube

The Age of Empires esports scene is alive and well! Liltroubles’ Age of Empires Decathlon Tournament is kicking off later this month on April 18th and 19th. You can still sign up until this coming Monday, so get to it if you’re wanting to compete and bring home some awards.

This Decathlon Tournament contains ten events all in all to test your ability in a wide variety of events. Contestants will compete to see who can claim as many victories as possible – but don’t expect your hours of practice as a specific civilization to be useful to you.

The ten events are as follows:

Capture the Relic: Players will compete in an eight-player free-for-all as whatever civilization they choose and compete over a single relic. The first player to capture the relic takes the victory.

Dodgeball: Eight players will compete on a Dodgeball bracket where the first to seven points takes the win. The finals will be first to eleven points instead.

Skribblio: Eight contestants will face off in Skribblio with 5 rounds and a 50 second draw time. Points will be awarded based on end-game results at the end of round 5.

Last Man Standing – King of the Hill: Players will compete in an intense free-for-all diplomacy game. Choose your civilization at a castle-age limit.

Race to 200 Villagers: This event is exclusive to players age 50 or older (though younger players are also permitted). Players must reach 200 villagers on an Arabia-like map in the quickest time possible. Points will be awarded based on the position at the end.

Inca Feudal War: Players will have a Feudal age limit in an Incas-only competition focused on villagers as the main army.

AoE2 Trivia: As the name suggests, players will be asked trivia questions on the title to see who can claim the most points.

TTF Racing: Players will be able to lead their units through an obstacle course. Teams will have to parkour their way to safety first, doing their obstacles the fastest.

Forest Nothing: 8-player free-for-all on fast-speed in a 6-player map size. Contestants will have points awarded based on order of their defeat, with the last man standing doing the best.

Guess Who of AoE2: Players will need to be knowledgeable on the community of the game outside of a match. You’ll need to know names from Twitch, YouTube, and a variety of other medias to win this trivia game.

You can sign up for the Decathlon through the tweet we’ve placed above. Grab your team and go claim some victories!