Amazon’s Game Streaming Service Project Tempo Likely To Be Delayed Until 2021

Amazon’s Game Streaming Service Project Tempo Likely To Be Delayed Until 2021
Credit: Swapnil Joshi

Amazon has a gaming streaming project on the way, called Project Tempo. This streaming platform was expected to release at some point this year, but it’s looking like there could be some complications.

Originally, the developers behind the program were expecting to release it in 2020, and much has been planned around that. Amazon’s first title, a MOBA-ish title called Crucible, was anticipated to release already, with the date being set at March 31st. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the marketing was heavily impacted, forcing the company to push it back until May.

It’s seeming like the same could be done for Project Tempo, unfortunately. The New York Times reported that people close to the project said the company had hoped to bring it this year, but that the COVID-19 pandemic could push the release into 2021 instead.

That’s certainly a heck of a delay, and not much is given as to why. We know that Amazon’s long-awaited MMO, New World, was also anticipated to come out in May. With titles like New World and Crucible both set to release this year, it’s strange that Project Tempo would’ve been pushed back so far.

However, the New York Times doesn’t give any sources on their statement, saying only that “people close to the project” have stated this possible delay.

“We just don’t know where the world is going to be in a couple of weeks,” said Amazon games executive Louis Castle via videoconference. He discussed how they’ve decided to delay Crucible “rather than put a ton of pressure and onus upon a team that’s worked very hard for many years of their lives when they might be going through some pretty difficult times with themselves or loved ones.”

If that’s the main logic behind the postponing of Crucible, one might think it was the same logic that could end up pushing back Project Tempo. Of course, there’s no way of us knowing exactly what’s going on behind the scenes at Amazon.

Either way, do we really need another streaming service? It feels like every company in the world is popping up with another version of their gaming service. Pretty soon, gamers are going to have a desktop full of shortcuts to a dozen different exclusive platforms and streaming services just to be able to play a few different games that they want to play.

Regardless of whether or not we need it, Project Tempo may be dropping in the near future. Whether it comes out this year or gets pushed to 2021, we’ll just have to wait and see.