Sea Of Thieves Is Receiving A Major Update On January 15; Will Introduce A Landmark Search Feature

Sea Of Thieves Is Receiving A Major Update On January 15; Will Introduce A Landmark Search Feature
Credit: Sea of Thieves via YouTube

Ever since releasing in March of 2018, Sea of Thieves has gone on to captivate a lot of gamers who’re interested in the pirate life. The game does a great job at showing this world on the open seas, where players can go on adventures solo or with friends. This action-adventure title by Rare has consistently gotten better since first launching, with regular updates that have improved it in some major fashion.

Another update called The Legends of the Sea is set to release on January 15. This time, it’s introducing a landmark search system. Think of it as an epic scavenger hunt across miles and miles of ocean. Some of the items you’ll be able to find include player skeletons, wanted posters, and custom engravings. You don’t have to just search for these landmarks for the thrill of adventure, either.

The developer is giving players the chance to net some cool rewards, including tattoos and commendations. Orchestrating these landmark quests is a new NPC, Umbra. She’ll direct you to your destinations and provide compensation with a successful find upon your return. Overall, it seems like a fun change of pace for players who’ve enjoyed Sea of Thieves since it has come out.

Players should be able to enjoy the landmark variety, not really knowing what they’re going to find once they reach their target destination. It will be interesting to see what the community is able to find, and hopefully, they share their reactions on YouTube.

This landmark system isn’t the only thing being added with this upcoming update. A lot of bugs are being addressed and new features added. For example, players that join a session in Arena won’t automatically be dropped off in a storm. Sunken ships, after taking enough damage, will sink much faster as well to help bring in new spawning ships.

Lastly, the general mode in Sea of Thieves will give console gamers the ability to avoid crossplay with PC players if they so choose. Thus, players have more control over their gaming experiences.

Even though Sea of Thieves started off a little rocky in its early days post launch, it seems to have finally found its sea legs. Sure, there are still issues the community will gripe about — but Rare has stayed committed to their title. If they continue to put out major updates like this latest one, then there’s no telling how much better Sea of Thieves will be.