Rumors Are Circulating About A Disc-Less Xbox One S Coming In The Spring

Rumors Are Circulating About A Disc-Less Xbox One S Coming In The Spring
Credit: Wikimedia Commons - Microsoft

For the past several years, Microsoft has been gearing up for the release of their latest console. Dubbed Xbox Scarlet, this console is set to revolutionize the gaming industry. We’re still probably a year from its release, and to keep our beaks wet, Microsoft is apparently putting out a newer version of their Xbox One S.

This console is such a powerful machine and truly makes gaming on 4K television amazing. So what upgrades could it get that would make it even more appealing? Evidently, Microsoft is planning to strip away the disc-reading technology in favor of an all-digital platform.

Rumors have circulated that this new system – potentially called Maverick – would be hitting the shelves sometime around spring. This new console raises several important questions. For one, what will happen to gamers with hard-copy games for this system?

Well, Microsoft is planning to put out a system where these hard-copy games can be exchanged for digital codes. Gamers thus wouldn’t have to scrap their entire collection for nothing if they want to get this new system.

Additionally, there actually are a lot of gamers today who prefer an all-digital platform. It saves them from having to organize physical copies of their games or worry about them getting scratched. An all-digital Xbox One S could help this demographic keep everything neat around their entertainment centers.

What about fans of hard-copy games, though? There are still those who prefer collecting actual disks, as they come with cases and manuals. Obviously, this latest Xbox One S probably wouldn’t be for this market. That’s perfectly okay because they still have some amazing systems to choose from.

Also worth mentioning is the significant price drop that this latest Xbox console would get. Since there won’t be a disc drive, the console could sell for as low as $200. That’s pretty affordable considering most new Xbox consoles range between $250-$299.

The upcoming Scarlet Xbox console was rumored to be all-digital as well, so it seems like Microsoft is trying to get its fans used to the idea of no more discs. In theory, it seems like a smart tactic. Sure, the collectors won’t be too happy, but all signs are pointing towards this trend.

We’re on the verge of the next generation of consoles, but until then, Microsoft is doing everything they can to build some momentum and good faith with their loyal fanbase. The Xbox One S is a highly underrated system, and with an all-digital design, it could sell even better.